Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Saturday Morning Tribute


19 faithful came out on this lovely Saturday morning to help Spit paid tribute to his grandmother who went to be with the Lord on Monday.

This is how it went down:

Mosey to the circle next to the amphitheater to give the explanation for the theme today YHC’ stated that his grandmother (Faye Beach) lived to be 97 was born in the year 1919


  • 19 SSH IC
  • 19 Don Quixotes IC (Swirly Style)
  • 19 Gas Pumps IC
  • 19 Dolly’s IC
  • 19 Merkins IC
  • Arm Circles

The Running Of Love Hill

From gate to gate. First partner runs to the gate at the bottom of the hill then back then switch. Other partner completes an exercise. The following were the exercise.

  • Lunges
  • Broad Jume Burpees
  • Polar Bears

Mosey down the road in front of the Pump House

Faye 1,2,3 (aka Dora 1,2,3)

One partner runs up the pipeline trail and back then switch. As partner complete the following:

  • 97 Burpees
  • 197 Jump Squats
  • 297 LBC’s

Mosey up the trail to the Rusty Cages

OYO complete 19 Burp-ups

Mosey to the SF for COT, number-rama and name-a-rama, then YHC took us out. 


As stated YHC’s grandmother has passed on Monday. Later Monday night YHC had noticed that no one had signed up to Q Dogpile for this week. This was a rare thing for the Q at Dogpile to be open so late. YHC saw it as a sign to sign up and pay tribute to his grandmother.

She was an amazing women who always served others before herself.

Love Hill brought a new challenge to the PAX. Completing the entire road (gate to gate). It was noticed by the members of the PAX during the first lunges that is was going to take a while (about half of the workout)

This morning gave the PAX a new opportunity to see parts of the AO not normally seen. Today being the last day before daylight savings, the AO was lit up by the morning sun earlier than normal. Most of the PAX to a moment to enjoy if they could.

The rusty cage was cut short do to time. While moseying back to the SF, Fudd yelled out to YHC “Spit is your other grandmother still alive?”. In response “Yep!”, Fudd “Oh great (sarcsatically)!”

YHC would like to thank all of F3RVA for the thoughts and prayers this week. You guys have made this feel like a true brotherhood.


  • Good luck to the PAX members running in the Belmonte 25 and 50k today!
  • Ashcreek 5K (in Mechanicsville) has an F3 team!  Rumor has it The Carpenter is working on getting us a booth hook up as well, but he has not finalized the deal with YHC yet. Sign up under F3RVA.




  1. Way to bring the pain Spit! That beatdown was no joke. Definitely worth getting out of bed for!

    I was glad I could be there today to support your tribute to your grandma. Very cool thing to be a part of. One correction is needed on the above: it was actually Viral that asked the question about your other Grandma. Now that I’m getting blamed by default for every sarcastic comment made in my presence, maybe it’s time I make a change. Kind of like “old Toga” and ” new Toga”. I guess the new Fudd could be quiet and always serious……but what kind of fun would that be?

  2. The Carpenter on

    Well done, Spit. You honored your grandmother and challenged the PAX in the process. I am sorry that I could not be there this morning in light of my M and oldest 2.0 being out of town this morning. I hated missing this for multiple reasons. You represented DaVille well too.

  3. Thanks for the correction. I thought some said it was you. I would agree with you we don’t need a New Fudd what would we do without your sarcastic comment!?

  4. No, no it was definitely me. I was in the six so I thought maybe I was late to the comment. But hey if I helped Fudd hit “rock bottom” then it was worth it. Regardless, we did Faye proud today.

  5. I am still amazed that 19 people were there this morning! Awesome tribute, Spit. Lots of fun and hard work.

  6. Spit-GREAT Beatdown. Nice to finally meet THE Pipeline!! 19 PAX members this morning…Faye was definitely with you and us this morning!
    Perfect way to start the morning and glad to be part of PAX and help remember your grandmother!
    GOD bless you and your family. May HE always bless you with her memory!

  7. What a beatdown this morning. From beginning to end, you brought it – full throttle. Nice work Spit. And, how amazing that we had a PAX of 19 – a great tribute indeed. I’m sure Faye was looking down with great pride and smiling about what a strong and passionate leader you were today. Well done!

  8. For what it’s worth, on the Bel Monte, there was defecation sighted in the middle of the trail. Appropriate references were made to avoiding stepping in the Fudd.

    For the record, it was New (Recent) Fudd.

  9. I got to keep on moving…

    I think we need to band together as F3 brothers and bring back those mustaches…who’s with me?

    I would bring back the hair also, but, umm, well…

  10. Well done Spit! I’m not one bit surprised there were 19 warriors out there. This was a solid workout and it’s always a bonus to have a purpose behind the work we do. Here’s to the memory of a wonderful woman.