Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old School not the best, but the best choice…


12 descended upon Mary to pound out varying degrees of miles.  This is more or less what transpired (probably less)…

Having spotted a late night text from Lockjaw stating he was under heavy sedation from Nyquil, YHC leaped from his Sir Harington and raced to MM to ensure the route was secured.  Having agonized at great length (< 1 minute), the state of the PAX (ankle injuries, pending renal deliveries, flu) drove the decision to choose the proverbial Old School route.  (This involves up and down routes along Grove of varying lengths….I’m sure there’s a TYA back blast out there that describes this route in more detail…feel free to read it.)

NMS:  Nostalgia aside, Old School has never been a favorite of YHC for the simple reason that one has to pass the starting point and keep going.  Compounded by the fact that I was low on energy and enthusiasm, it would have been too easy to just stop at MM during the first pass had Sippy not been holding the bar so high – as he is often prone to do.

Other observations and useless thoughts:

  • Apparently it is possible to run either while expecting, or while dealing with a severe ankle injury.  Highly impressive effort on the part of both those gents (you know who you are)
  • A little trash talk will get even the most fatigued and miserable PAX moving…thanks Honey Do for making me step it up.
  • Tomato in a ski hat with a large pom-pom, just sayin’
  • Speaking of tomatoes, Splinter and I glanced over with envy at the instructor who was leading the tomatoes in a series of stretches.  This prompted Splinter to recall a very humorous scene from the movie Couples Retreat…I’m sure he’d be happy to share the link

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  1. Great work today guys on all fronts. Pleasure to be part of such a terrific group. An “F3RVA” tramp-stamp is still in the cards.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Mumblechatter from the 5 Milers centered around Lab Rat’s unsolicited statement that the Rolling Stones are overrated and of course Honeymoons Puffy Red jacket. Tclaps to Swirly for gutting it out thus morning, no matter how stupid it was.

  3. Great run with great company this morning.

    I’m still trying to figure out which one of us (HoneyDo, LabRat, Honeymoon or Gumbo) smelled like goat (as called out by TYA). In the profound words of Mike McDermott from Rounders…

    Here’s the thing: if you can’t spot the sucker [goat] in the first half hour at the table, then YOU are the sucker [goat].


  4. Saab thanks for taking over the Q, and choosing the old school. A well lit course always has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The intelligence/courage(ailment/injury) quotient for the PAX should be part of any BIG DATA discussion; just sayin’

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    First allow me to thank my buddy Saabski for choosing old school for this mornings route… Second thanks to Bleeder and No Tools for running with me (at least for the 1st leg) Third thanks to Honey do for suggesting that I run the 4 mile leg and for then coming close to catching up along with his group (Labrat, Gumbo, Honeymoon) cause at the turn when I saw you dudes there was no way I was letting you guys catch up to me.. Stupid (Maybe) Rewarding (Hell yes) Hurting ( a little) 🙂 see y’all in the gloom…
    ps. Thanks to Labrat for picking up my Q @ Dogpile tomorrow – appreciate it bro – I’ll jump back on the Q sheet soon…

  6. A few thoughts:

    -“pending renal delivery” new band name, I call it!
    -that could have been me that stunk, I was in recycled shorts.
    -Rounders is a fantastic movie! Full of great quotes.
    -Before I am burned at the stake, let me just say I did not say the stones are over rated, I just said they are not my cup of tea. With the strong exception being “dead roses”,of course.
    -get better quick, Lock Jaw! Not time to taper yet.

  7. It was good to run a familiar route today so I didn’t have to think about anything else besides watching Saab and Sippy pull away from us.
    Swirly, don’t try too much too fast, you’ll find yourself in the wrong hole.
    Looking forward to hearing more about this BIG DATA you speak of. I am sure it is gathered by a team of programmers.
    I rode in Gumbo’s car on the ride home. I think the stink might be his gloves.

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Teah thanks Rosie the wrong hole could indeed be a problem 🙂 – Easy Splinter……

  9. Clearly I meant the holes in the road like he stepped in last week. Maybe you have been hanging around Saab too much.

  10. Well, I never!

    I am quite pleased to have set a bar (or hole) so low, the PAX can now use it as a means to gauge their relative lack of decorum.

  11. Is there a designated place to comment on the podcasts? Loved the big data, never doubted for a second that Corporate was actually watching.

  12. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    TYA takes the comments from 9 to 9:01 on every other Thursday 🙂
    BT is working on getting an F3RVA podcast hotline for folks to call in- you can make a comment live if your call is picked up – stay tuned on that.. You can also catch a brother at a workout
    Thanks for the feedback – EF Hutton and thanks for listening..

  13. I still don’t get those restrictive hours. I mean, feedback is a gift. Don’t you want a gift?

    New mics sounded great, btw! It sounded like yall let Saab sit in the same room today! I could hear him curse loud and clear.