Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Space Station sighting


The fellowship was strong at SOT as 6 faithful showed up for an international space station viewing with some bear crawls, crab walks and a few other things worked in.


Mosey to the sidewalk beside the school for a warm up, no mile to start today.

SSHx25, DQx10, Helicopterx10, ArmCircles x15 F/R, Mountian Climber x15, Side Plank Dips x 10 each side, Freddie Mercury x15

Step up to the curb for some curb crawls, up to 5, repeat 5 and come back down.

Mosey to the basketball courts for 11s

Round 1 – Monkey Humpers/Box Cutters, snake from the corner of one court to the next, run the long side, lunge the short side

Round 2 – Bobby Hurleys/Crunchy Frogs – Run the long side, crab walk the short side

1 suicide because Basketball/March…Mosey to the gloom of the track for Mary and Space Station viewing – 40 LBC, 10 1-leg APD, 20 Dollies

Mosey to the track straightway and partner up for Love Track

100 yards, Partner 1 runs the straightway, Partner 2 broad jump burpees until Partner 1 comes back, repeato for 100 yards.

Take a lap – audible half a lap. 20 merkins then AYG sprint to the path off the track 130 yards (ish) Slow mosey to the flag


DK sent a text to a couple of us last night that the International Space Station was going to be visible at 6:04 am.  Thinking he was going to be there for the sighting and knowing that SOT has some excellent low light gloom, YHC planned around this.  No DK sighting but we are pretty sure we saw the lights of the space station traveling over us during Mary.  It was on the right path at the right time so that’s enough confirmation for me, next time we’ll bring a telescope.  Gumbo was sure DK and Chicken Whisperer were home thinking up names for FNGs.

YHC can’t resist a little running but after the last 2 days it was time to travel using some other F3 methods, bear crawls, crab walks, lunges and broad jump burpees seemed appropriate.

Five of the 6 PAX there this morning were present for Murph Monday and Old Glory Tuesday.  All 5 strongly considered fartsacking but knew the others would be there.  It’s that accountability and fellowship that keeps you coming back despite the sore muscles and tired legs.  One of these days McRib is just going to lay on his horn in Bobber’s driveway to get him out to another AO.  Although stories of the Murph and Old Glory might not help.


  • HDHH 3/15 Casa de Splinter – See the backblast and sheet to give him a headcount, Ms and 2.0s welcome
  • March challenge – Kettlebell Swings – spreadsheet is up
  • Runs – Ragnar/Toga, SmokyMountain/Swirly, Belmonte/TYA

Great job pushing it again today gentlemen.


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  1. Rosie – another great workout to send us out into the world on Wednesday! I told Wilson’s Wife about the Space Station and I got the “How did you know?” My response was…….well we just knew! The lights were different! I almost went into the banner for great crab legs conversation, but figured she would not enjoy the humor like the PAX. I am sure someone in the PAX will Google the passing of the Space Station and post it. Would love proving to the M that we DID if fact see it and are on our way to a great crab leg deal…………in Russia! Right Gumbo? #FEBA

  2. Nice job Rosie! Thanks for taking it easy on the legs. My shoulders really appreciate it ;). That was a fun start to Wednesday.

    Also, nice words in the bb and the COT on fellowship. That’s what keeps us going even when we don’t want to.

    Great job today guys!


  3. Sorry for the delay — been bellying up to the crab-leg special. Long trip, but Gumbo couldn’t pass $5.99 all you can eat shrimp and crab-legs!!

  4. Yeah, strong group and strong work today. The fellowship, chatter and laughter were all strong today.

    Great start to the Hump Day. Thanks gents!