Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Advancements in Modern Pyramid Construction


12 Healthy Redwoods, 1 LIFO Dogwood, 2 Infected Ficus and 1 FNG arrived at the AO for a uncomplicated, moderately wet, 70 and Sunny Beatdown.

Here’s how it went down(more or less)

Mosey to COP

10X Merkins
20X Don Quixote
25X LBC’s

Mosey to the Field in Front of the Carillon

Modified Pyramid

Running on Long sides, Bear Crawl on ends
5X,15X,20X,25X,30X Merkins at corners
Running on Long sides, Bear Crawl on ends
30X,25X,20X,15X, 10X, 5X Werkins at Corners

Lunge to the Carillon and back to Feild

Worm to second Tree on Field, Lunge back.

Back to the Corner
Running on Long sides, Lunge on ends
5X,15X,20X,25X,30X Box Cutters at corners
Running on Long sides and on the ends
30X,25X,20X,15X, 10X, 5X LBC’s at Corners

Those on the I/R did a Modified version of the Modified Pyramid, managing their own personal misery.

Back to the Flag
Swirly to us out


Arriving Pre-Swirly, and planting the Flag, YHC’s simple plan was ready to unfold. The Bleeder Q.

The pre-game show began with Safety First, Swirly arrived, ankle bandaged, TYA arrived, Kidney in traction, Lab Rat joined in, Head Protective gear on. YHC was the healthy one, no current ailments or need for supportive protective gear. Today was off to a solid start. Before the PAX arrived in force, YHC sent TYA and Swirly on the COP; neither can run, Swirly almost can’t walk without a limp.

It’s been few months since YHC has been able to Q, First, allow this rant; BEING INJURED SUCKS! Certain things that you do get taken for granted, injuries make you appreciate the even smallest details of life. Thanks for letting me lead this group today. TYA, Swirly, YHC appreciates you guys being out there this morning. Sorry you are having to deal with your ailments, you will be back to normal soon.(Well, normal is probably not the right term, but you get the idea)

Lab Rat, YHC asked for a countdown in French, you responded with Spanish, Thank you for your Foreign service. Probably should have had you wear the Helmet the entire workout while hopping on one leg.(This a reference to Last Thursday’s workout, and the lack of ability for YHC to do most of anything Lab Rat called out, and the Abuse that Lab Rat took from the PAX about the Q)

Honey Do was curious about the Worm mystery, other than being a talent that YHC possesses, the Worm highlighted that a crawlspace a house(or in this case a Pyramid), some spaces do not allow the ability to turnover; therefore, the only way in is to crawl on your back to do the overhead work. Yes that’s tight. SAAB, you can send me your laundry bill, I had no idea that you Dry Cleaned the MudGear shirts, my apologies.

Welcome EarMuffs, Glad you made it out today; Toga with the Naming of the FNG, right out of the gate!


-Talk of the upcoming races. Spots open for each include non-runner support positions. See Toga for Ragnar and Swirly or TYA for the Great Smokey Relay.

-The latest F3RVA Podcast are available to listen – Podcast

Bleeder out


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  1. Sorry to disappoint you on the French, but all I know in French is oui, and that’s just because of the magazine.

    Great to be out at a Bleeder Q, and it’s always awesome to be at the Carillon in the morning. Here is to hoping TYA and Swirly get well soon, and that I personally never have to experience a kidney stone.

    Welcome to Ear Muffs! Also great to meet the relative new comers, Bodos and Love Seat.

  2. @Bleeder: Solid Q and welcome back to Q duty. You can find me in the smoking section for the rest of the day.
    @TYA and Swirly: I’m sure it will happen to all of us at one point or another. Thanks for setting the example and getting after it.

  3. Great Q Bleeder. I am now delighted to know that I do not have the smallest crawl space in RVA.

    W-Dog was completely defiled today…In retrospect, DaVille should have been my exterior layer.

    Best to Swirly and TYA on their recovery and intrepid nature. That said, they do make a nice couple don’t they!

    Glad to hear I’m not the only fan of OUI Lab Rat…that was 70’s journalism at its finest.

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    I had forgotten the elegant simplicity of an Bleeder Q, glad to have you back in the rotation. Glad to see Bodos back out again and welcome Ear Muffs.

  5. Wait………Bleeder healthy, TYA & Swirly injured? The world might be rotating the wrong way! Maybe it wasn’t the Space Station, but rather an Alien ship that passed over RVA at 6:04! FLashdance a LIFO…no surprise. LOL

  6. Nice Q Bleeder and welcome back to Swirly!

    Swirly said that the M had him on a strict R&R regimen over the last few days. Unbeknownst to M, Swirly might have been guiltily sneaking arm curls to stay shredded. You might be the only man who sneaks workouts Swirl!! Regardless, glad to see you back at it .. 😀

    Enjoy 45MOM and lunch tomorrow fellas, I’ll be back on that next week, but tomorrow I’m on a plane to NYC for a work meeting.

    Welcome Ear Muffs! Hope to see you back out again soon!

  7. Well done Bleeder, solid Q. Great to have Swirly. Welcome back Bodos, I thought we had lost you for sure last week.

    Be super fellas.

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to have Bleeder back in the Q rotation ! Thanks for the modified Q 🙂 After a couple more modified Q’s I hope to be back to normal workout level – yes being injured sucks – but it can’t keep us down can it!!
    Thanks to all of the pax for the texts – emails – well wishes – really really appreciate it! Big thanks to TYA for hanging with me today – very much appreciated bro!
    See y’all in the gloom.

  9. Oh crap, this is beautiful! ¡Muchos gracias, Hemofílico!

    Yo no hablo francis y solo hablo un puco espanol, pero se poco usar google translate.
    LaBrat ausente.

  10. Looks like a great beatdown, @Bleeder, sorry I missed it! Just got back into town from work travel but hope to catch your next Q. I love that the ever-comprehensive Bleeder Backblasts are back too. There are always a few comments made during the workout that I miss but still get to “hear” them on the BB.