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Always 70 and Sunny

Quad P for March – Merkins


Announcing the first of many Priorities’ Pointless Periodic Priority (Quad P)! This month’s priority challenge will be Merkins! Since our fledgling group only offers you 3 opportunities a week to post to an AO, you can now get in your DRP all day every day! Posting to #BearCountry tomorrow? Count your Merkins! Have a half hour at lunch? Bust out some Merkins! 2.0 woke you up in the middle of the night? Throw them (gently) on your back and rock them back to sleep with some good old fashion Merkins! I’m doing Merkins in my cubicle right now!

Just put your name up on the spreadsheet linked below and update it daily after you get your Merkins on. (It’s a spreadsheet. Just fill it out.) The goal is 100 per day. Winner gets the complete and total satisfaction of knowing that they are better than YOU (at remembering to do Merkins each day)… Each PAX to complete the challenge with 3100 total Merkins for the month gets a shiny gold star in their corporate file and possibly an F3 sticker. Maybe we can throw in free shipping from the F3 store on all orders over $75. We’ll see what our accounting department says we have the funds for.

All Merkins of any form will count, for instance, when Dreamliner makes us do 11s of Derkins, those count. Keep in mind a 4 count Merkin counts as one. When YHC Qs in two weeks at #stinkhill and we do 8, 10 or 20 count Merkins? Counts as 1.  For other unwritten rules, be sure to refer to the F3RVA Podcast 6.

Good luck Fellas and may the best Merkiner win.



Priorities Out.


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  1. It’s on! Not doing 4 count mericans, but if y’all want to half my number to stay within striking distance, that’s fine… You’re all half my age anyway!

  2. Dreamliner, Bluegrass, Screen Door and myself all got a easy hundred in before the rest of you woke up this morning! While you’re toiling away at your hundred today, tired and alone, just think how next week you’ll post to Bear Country and get your Merkins in with the warm and welcoming company of your fellow Pax!

  3. Got some catching up to do men. I got in 250 before 7am and am not done yet. Just knocked out 25 between sets at the gym this morning. Probably shouldn’t have said anything though as Dreamliner will no doubt break 1000 today now…

    • Not today. Basketball game tonight. Need to make sure I can get the ball to the basket. Don’t worry though. I’ll make sure you stay within striking distance.

  4. Fabio must have been up early too getting his hundred in!

    Sounds like we need a prize for first Pax to reach 3100! I’ll talk to accounting about getting that person a free bottle of water after every workout.

    • Guess you’re feeling the effects of the 700 you did yesterday . Trust me, it gets worse before it gets better. Sorry, but we need to push each other.

      Push (up) through the pain and and you’ll get to the point where you can knock off 50 at a time without breaking a sweat. If you watch as much TV in the evenings as I do, hit 25 at each commercial break and it will add up very quickly.

      • See I prefer to do 12oz curls when I’m watching TV but that’s probably why I’m currently in 5th place and 1349 merkins behind Scully…

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