Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Devil’s Pitchfork


Take the bat cave entrance, cross the shopping center, and down Westham Station Road (WSR).

Take a right and ascend Panorama, then down.

Continue down WSR to Old Bridge Road – go up and ascend Highland at the fork.

Back down to the fork and ascend Old Bridge.

Return to WSR.  4 milers head back to the SF.  5 milers climb Panorama and back.  6 milers continue out WSR and climb South Ridge Road to the top; then return to the SF.

Sippy Cup did a fine job taking us out.


YHC was contemplating a Mardi Gras themed run on this fine Fat Tuesday but the thoughts of how this Pax may elect to earn their beads caused some concern.  I decided to stick with a straight hill run beatdown.  Trace the run on a map and you can see why it has earned such a respectable name.

Not much mumble chatter on the run as we were all business hitting those hills.  Post run discussion included:

-How TYA passes his time.  Best of luck to you and your recovery.

-Reminiscing about the first Splinter HHDH.  An event that led to the very brief, yet memorable, epoch of RVAF3 history – the kinder, gentler Toga.  I wonder what life changing events will come of this upcoming event?

-Talk of the upcoming races.  Spots open for each include non-runner support positions.  See Toga for Ragnar and Swirly for Smokey Mountains.

-Local news was filming in our vicinity perhaps background filler video.  Maybe we will make a cameo.



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  1. Aptly named route LJ – I am completely smoked. Glad you didn’t go for the Mardi Gras theme…I would have earned few beads this am.

    Thanks to Sippy for pushing me today. Fatigue from the weekend had me wanting to cut short each hill, but Sippy kept me going. Enjoyed the run and chat pal.

    It was great to see TYA today. While he is not yet out of the woods, I am very excited to hear when the stork arrives. Take care buddy.

  2. LJ, Excellent Route, I do appreciate the Mileage Update mid Route otherwise, I might still be running. Glad to see TYA posting this morning with the Spritzer in hand, Is that the preferred Stork beverage? Hope you are on the mend soon, this too shall pass.