Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpee Blvd.


Nine pax gathered this morning at DaVille’s flagship AO to greet the day.  A promise of movement was given as the Q mentioned that gloves would be a good idea.  The Q also made the decision to follow his watch this morning, since neither his wife nor TYA were present to tell him he was wrong….which allowed time for Abacus to float in to the parking lot and round out the pax:

Warmup:  Parking lot tracers (obviously)


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers with increasing cadence
  • Don Quixote’s….obnoxiously slow
  • arm circles
  • Merkins
  • LBC


-Burpee Blvd:  Starting at Atlee Station, run down AHS Rd doing 3 burpees per light post (15, if you are counting).  The winner and all ties touch the gate and perform 20 merkins, then turn around and head back.  Non-winners stop as they get passed by leader, perform 20 merkins and head back to start.  5 4-count Freddie Mercury’s at each light pole on the way back.  When complete, all pax fall back to the six.

-Suicide/plank:  Big suicides in the parking lot, rest in plank.  Go again when you catch your breath.


This morning was all about covering some serious ground.  The Q got pretty beat up for staying in one place last time he had the lead, so today was an over-compensation of that.  It really didnt benefit the pax very much though, as only Phonics and Lab Rat were at the “plyo” beat down…and they both enjoyed it.  But this morning was going to be in motion and the Q cannot help that nobody made the trek to enjoy it from Richmond proper.

The usual suspects led the way out of the gate, with Helix, Spike and Phonics setting the pace.  The Q however, was most impressed with the fact that ALL 9 pax finished all burpees (and Freddies by design) before being turned around by the lead pax on the way out from the gate.  Total distance to the gate BTW is about .8 miles….making the numbers for the exersize:  1.6 miles run, 20 merkins, 45 burpees, and 150 Freddies.

The suicide sequence was a bit of a mess at the end, as YHC initially had planned a relay race, but didnt want the pax to spend the majority of the last 7 minutes in plank waiting for somebody else to run.  He improvised on the fly to ensure maximum effort by all members who had something left to give.  It might have been messy, but the Q thinks it was effective.  Mucho props to Opus for dead sprinting that last 100 yards and totally blowing by Lab Rat, who could not keep up.  Opus has come a long way, baby.

Also, solid work to Neck Brace for being aggressive on the Freddies.  Extra credit is extra credit, even if it is due to bad math.

This is where the Q inserts something inspirational to bring it all back around, but Lab Rat is running low on inspiration at the moment.  So I will just leave you with this:  go forth and do good things.

Lab Rat out.



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  1. Great workout this morning Lab Rat. As we were doing Burpee Blvd, it seemed like a lot more than 15 light post. Did you get the distance on the extra long parking lot tracers? All together it had to put us well as over 2 miles.

  2. Sorry, no distance on the extended tracers. I could go back and measure if you need a total….we could call it Tomato Run revisited.

    Glad ya’ll liked it.

  3. Lab Rat, that was exhausting.

    On my walks to and from work I noticed periodic adrenaline surges. I was perplexed until I realized these flight-or-flight responses were happening everytime I passed a lamp post.

    Thanks for a great Q.

  4. La Brat I enjoyed the extended parking lot tracts and a mountain of burpees. You made heart sing.