Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Change is not always good


An unsuspecting crew of 6 posted for some slightly different exercises at The Punisher.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to basketball court for standard issue warmup COP.

First evolution = 10 yd escalator run.  PAX completes an EMOM of escalating 10 yd shuttle runs.  Min 1 = 1 10 yd run, min 2 = 2 10 yd runs, …. up to 17 before we couldn’t finish within the minute

2nd Evolution= ground and pound for time: 4, 30 sec sets of merkins (30 sec rest between sets), repeato for bench hops and squats

20 sec sets of core exercises with no breaks: incline bear crawl reach, decline mtn climbers, plyo bench merkin (more on that later), decline bear crawl reach

Mosey back to flag for hip-up sit-ups and flutter kicks


NMM:  It’s no mystery that YHC will try some variations on exercises just to mix things up a bit.  The EMOM 10 yd shuttle run was advertised as a mental hurdle as much as physical.  YHC is not sure that really happened, but the progressions were interesting.  The PAX went from such great lines as “I got up for this?” (Fudd) and “should we plank?” (Wedding Singer) during the first few minutes, no chatter after we got past 12 minutes, and “I’m dizzy” (Pucker) after the last couple of passes.  Minutes 16 and 17 were pretty much a constant shuttle run, and we could probably get to 18 or 19 if we ever do it again.

Then there was the bench core work series…  The value of the bear crawl reaches is debatable, but the plyo bench merkin was a disaster.  Following the sets of merkins, nobody (especially YHC) could launch themselves from the ground to the bench without risk of eating the bench.  It turns out that doing merkins AYG for time vs counting reps adds a different dimension and will need to be repeated.

Thanks to the PAX for indulging me and testing a totally non-P90x based workout.

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  1. Hope you boys paced yourselves in the 10-yard sprints. Seems like that could get ugly fast if you didn’t. I am definitely not coordinated enough for that plyo-bench work. Glad I chose the Murph Monday today.

    I might have to stay old school original and send February out with an Old Glory at NoToll tomorrow. Be there to show off your progress.

  2. Based on past experience, Punisher was usually one of those workouts that I left feeling like I had a little bit “left in the tank” so to speak. Maybe it’s the smaller size AO, or the fact that some of the frequent Q’s seemed to have a case of the “Monday’s” when planning their workouts. Regardless, I didn’t feel like that when I left today.

    Those sprints were no fun at all after round 11 or 12 and I think I hyperextended my spine on my one attempt at the plyo bench merkin, but I did not lose any teeth, thankfully.

    As much as I love to give Toga grief, he delivered quite a beatdown out there this morning. It was definitely worth getting out of bed for.