Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Creek – Church Run – Hindsight 20/20


15 PAX enjoyed a blistering 53-degree wake-up call Friday 2/24 5:30am at “The Creek” New Highland Baptist Church parking lot in DaVille. From ages 8 to 60, the men endured a double-Q, divided strategically between 1) an accountant and 2) a slimy sales/marketing entrepreneur -for maximum torture and muscle confusion.

Yard Sale took the Q:


Side Straddle Hops X 50 (IC)

Arm Circles X 20 (IC)

Merkins X 20 (IC)

LBCs X 20 (IC)

Don Quixotes X 20 (IC)

The Thang:

Church Run

  1. Partner Up
  2. One partner merkins while other partner runs around the church and relieves first partner – continue till total = 100 merkins
  3. One partner burpees while other partner runs around the church and relieves first partner – continue till total = 100 burpees (original plan was 200 burpees, but mumble chatter turned to gasps of pain, and audible was called to reduce total to 100)
  4. One partner LBCs while other partner runs around the church and relieves first partner – continue till total = 300 LBCs
  5. Al Gore/Recover

Emoji took the Q

Hindsight 20/20

  1. Mosey to soccer field
  2. PAX run from corner #1 to corner #2, 20 merkins
  3. Bear Crawl from corner #2 to corner #3, 20 supermen
  4. Run BACKWARDS from corner #3 to corner #4, 20 WW2 sit-ups
  5. Lunge from corner #4 back to corner #1, 20 Freddie Mercurys

Tricep Blast

Mosey to picnic table pavilion

  1. Partner-up
  2. One partner – dips on picnic table seat while other partner run the diagonal of the soccer field and returns
  3. Switch – other partner dips while first partner runs

Mosey back to shovel flag

2 minutes left……Merkin ring – all plank while each PAX does 5 merkins

Numberama / Nameorama


Emoji took us out


Mild-mannered but bold Yard Sale agreed to Q today, but he, The Carpenter, Spit, Mud Face and others EH’ed Emoji out of his comfort zone to co-Q and step-up.

It was a pleasure co-Qing with Yard Sale, a champion.

Great to see 8yr olds, 12yr old, 14year old 2.0s coming back each week getting strong like bulls, gaining adult mentorship and confidence!

Welcome Slash! 8 yr. old FNG hoping to see classmate LP today, but LP and Dad: Chow-DAH were under the weather fartsacking. Heal quick!

It was intimidating trying to keep up with Slash, till the realization that his dad is Spike, so – unfair athleticism in the gene pool.

Once again Hardywood arrived right on time by Learjet to inject positive energy and support in the DaVille neighborhood! ALWAYS appreciated! Celebrity guest last time was Flipper!

The philosophy behind Hindsight 20/20 was to implement lower back strength – Supermen – to BALANCE the dominant traditional front/chest/shoulder/ab moves,

But ALSO a shameless attempt to impress F3 chiropractic gurus Flashdance, Flipper, and hopefully someday Mike Mathes will be able to post.

When pre-teens and adults alike all finish up drenched and panting from their own pace, it’s a testimony to the You vs. You success process. Even Hardywood seemed to get a beat down to write home about.

Perfect way to start a Friday! Well done men.

Announcement: Sign up for the AshCreek 5K (under team name F3, bring your Marys and kids) May 20, 2017 www.ashcreek5k.com, Let’s see if we can be the largest registered team and make a visible splash in the community.


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  1. Awesome job Yard Sale and Emoji! Emoji so glad we finally got you to Q again after a 10 month break! Maybe next time you and go for your first solo one!!

    Glad an audible was called during the Burpees.

    Welcome Slash!! Hope to see you out more often.

    Also glad our LIFO’s Carpenter and Thumper could join us today.

    Shout out to Freezer Burn for posting 3 times in his first week!!

  2. Well done fellas. Love the age range represented at the Creek. Can’t wait to get out there in a couple weeks to experience it first-hand.

  3. Well done DaVille Tribe! This is was an awesome workout. I’m totally smoked and writing this as I eat my second lunch. Love to see the range of men who call The Creek home. Very very inspiring.

    I also love the audacity of 200 burpees. I’ve never been so shocked or proud in my whole life.

    Keep up the great work and dominate your Friday.

    Be super.

  4. The vision of F3 is to reinvigorate male leadership and this vision was seen, experienced and lived this morning as Yardsale and Emoji stepped up in their leadership. I couldn’t have been prouder of as they led us through a beatdown.

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Hardywood’s reaction to the 200 burpees. It was both shock and “bring it ON” at the same time. We audibled to 100 but the shock of it kept the heat fully on for the first 100.

    I am not proud of my first LIFO but I am glad that it was that instead of the dreaded fart sack…