Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Hokie @ a Spider Run !


8 Strong posted this morning @ Spider Run and this was the route…

Run out of  campus – through TYA’s bat cave – up and over the bridge down the ramp to rock falls road – back up the ramp over the bridge through the shopping center – through campus and back to the flag! The 6 milers added a nice new hill to this route which I’m sure the 5 milers will get the opportunity to experience soon:)

Mumble Chatter : The Corporate truck was full of laughter this morning. YHC and TYA noticed Saab running in the gloom towards the truck and he joined us as well as Splinter. Once Splinter arrived we had a quorum and the corporate meeting could begin.. The topic was Saab and his 1% body fat – TYA said Saabski’s member is what made up the 1% and as you can imagine things escalated from there !!! YHC was thrilled to see EF Hutton post @ Spider run and he did a fantastic job for his first time out – well done dude – come on back.. TYA is in the best running shape I have ever seen him in – dude looked like he could have run another 20 miles this morning – keep it up TYA – awesome work man!  Bleeder left the pax instantly as he sped away on his bike saying to YHC – don;t wait for me bro I gotta get some miles in – atta baby Bleeder! Not sure where my buddy BT was this morning but never fear corporate will find out 🙂 The 6 milers crushed it this morning even finding a new hill to run thanks to Splinters GPS…

Great job this morning guys – what a beautiful morning and a great way to start the day… Big thanks to Saab for taking us out…

Announcements : Splinter has the March HDHH – stay tuned on details for that ( Splinter usually sends out a spread sheet – and you know he loves to explain the instructions 🙂  it’s sure to be a good time- big thanks to Splinter for hosting! There are some runs coming up and you can still participate if you have not signed up for an event yet please do so – we have Bel Monte – Smokey Mountain Relay – and Ragnar…

See y’all in the gloom – Swirly out…


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  1. Enjoyed the peacefulness of the gloom as we ran along the river. Next time I’ll show up on Swirly time though my clock read 5:29 as I arrived today. I was sort of expecting at least a few merkins in a Swirly Q.

  2. Appreciate you Q’ing today Swirly…it was nice to hit the river again. Good to have a new-comer (Hutton) as well. Thanks to Splinter and Sippy for their display of wanderlust as we charted a new hill.

    “Low-fat” is just as good for bones, 4 out of 5 M’s agree…

  3. Swirly Q never disappoints; however, glad we went off script a bit. Hill Dr has a perfect name.

    Sippy and Saab crushed me today. Kept trying to let you guys run away from me but you guys kept pulling me back in.

    Looking forward to TYAs planned routes the next few weeks. Spider run is alive and thriving!