Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Need For Speed


17 showed on the 17th day of February in 2017

The Thang

Follow the Q down the road a mile to Thomas Jefferson High School.  (YHC Note: this is the only themed tie into President’s Day).  Line up fastest to least swift.  Partner up with the fastest taking the slowest and so forth.

Partner 1 runs the track while Partner 2 performs various arm, chest, and ab exercises.  Swap and Partner 2 runs.

Full out sprints of 400, 800, 800, and 400.

Quick ring of fire.  Run on back to Mary.

Splinter took us out.


YHC likes to mix up our running so a diversion over to the high school track was in order.  Speed work answers the question of “how to get faster” and the Pax delivered today.  Mumble chatter was a minimum during the workout as the Pax was focused on running and recovery.  Splinter was so fast he blew his keys out of his pocket and temporarily misplaced them.

Post run chatter focused on TYA’s sudden awareness of his need for a Subaru, the perils of low ceilings above hotel treadmills, and Saab’s recruitment of a Pax consisting of assorted house plants in the gym.  Saab was missed on a running day – get better soon.



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  1. Love the speed work Lockjaw.

    I blame the misplaced key incident on Lab Rat. He distracted me when he informed me he had been telling the PAX that he beat me in the Bear Creek (likely due to getting lost and shaving miles).

    Singer – sorry our conversation was cut short.

  2. Great to get back out to a RAMM…its been a while. Good call on the speed work Lockjaw – way to keep it fresh.

    Good pairing up with Splinter. We were the perfect pairing of opposites …fast-slow, tall-short, etc. (I could go on) Way to team up and knock out the exercise of the day.

    Statement of the obvious…Phonics can fly. I caught a nice breeze every time he blew by me.

    Way to work fellas.

  3. Great day, Lockjaw. Definitely enjoyed switching up the running from straight distance runs. Keep the creative runs comin’!

    Enjoyed running as your partner, Lab Rat. Impressed you even managed to recognize who I was each time I came around the track. You were quite speedy, but what’s up with Phonics? Is he man or machine?

  4. Lab Rat did crush the Bear Creek this year. Although I ran slowly, sorry Marv, it was good to get back in the Gloom after a busy week.

  5. After a long hiatus from the run (at least 18 months), it felt good to get back out there today. Thanks to LJ for the bootcamp style run, the breakup helped ease back in.

    Splinter, I see Sanctuary is being released today, I’m planning to head down this afternoon for a pickup. Good looking out.

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    First : Glad you found your keys Splinter ! Good Q Lockjaw – way to take the lead @ RAMM.. Phonics is a machine Taxi Cab..Glad to see HoneyDO out and about – feel better dude – thanks for taking the F3 business cards – sell it baby! Singer – awesome to see you back out on a Friday run – well done dude.. Marv – even though I heard you coming up from behind me every freaken lap this morning I could not keep you from blowing by me – great job man – and good luck tonight Go Rams! UpChuck thanks for partnering up today man – great job I know how much you love speed laps:)… I unfortunately will be missing Dogpile tomorrow we had a death in the family so i’ll be out of town – will miss being there y’all enjoy a solid Fudd beatdown – see y’all in the not so distant gloom..

  7. I beat one year ago Splinter. Today’s Splinter let me know he got faster too….as he dusted me on three of the four legs. I’m proud to say that I can even be in the same running category as Splinter.

    Maybe if I keep practicing, I can hope to place 3rd in an event, like my hero TYA.

  8. Man, Swirly, sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers out to you and your family brother. We will be thinking about you guys.