Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bear-ly Alive!


11 fighters descended into The Creek this morning (10 regulars and Flipper from deep Goochland) for a beat down worthy of a true fighter. The shovel flag was planted and the PAX went to work. If you could climb up the bell tower (cell tower that looks like a bell tower) then you would have looked down and watched this happen…

Mosey around the church building in one direction and then reverse direction until the landing at the COP.


5 SSHs IC, 10 burpees on your own, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 Copperhead squats IC, 20 Don Quixotes IC, 20 Freddy Mercuries IC, 20 Merkins IC, Arms circles (10 big/5 small – reverso), 10 Burpees on your own, 5 SSHs IC

Mosey to the front of the church building at the corner.

“The Bear Went Round The Building”

Bear crawl around the church building (1/6th mile) with stops at each corner. Corner #1 – 50 LBCs, Corner #2 – 50 two count flutter kicks, Corner #3 – 50 American Hammers, Corner #4 – 50 WWII sit-ups. Go and find the remaining “bears” and bring them home to the tree…

Mosey to the picnic tables under the pavilion.

Partner up – Dora 1-2-3 – 100 step-ups, 200 derkins, 300 jump squats (ended up doing ~200 jump squats due to time).

Mosey to the flag

Circle up. All of the PAX bear crawl in a circle until YHC calls out exercise. The exercises was 5 SSHs… Repeato

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements

Tea Party took us out with a prayer.


The parking lot was empty 7 minutes before the workout except for Opus and Spit who arrived early to complete their daily challenge run. Chow-DAH slammed into the parking lot in his van and proceeded to do a victory tour around the perimeter. YHC was nervous that he was going to lay on the horn and wake up all of the natives in the surrounding houses. The rest rolled in at 5:28 or so and we took off running.

The COP included the normal DaVille counting but then various languages were utilized. Spanish, French, Swahili and some other languages were uttered for counting. As always, Emoji tried to throw the PAX off with random number references but we were able to survive even without Abacus there to help us.

Some mumble chatter fired up on Facebook last night in the DaVille message group and some had called for a bear crawl around the church building… YHC took note…

The PAX gathered at the corner of the church building and YHC started whistling… This elicited inquisitive looks and then a groan. YHC sang, “The bears went round the building… The bears went round the building… The bears went round the building and what do you think they saw? The answer? Last night’s dinner on the ground from a splash merlot!”

The PAX took off bear crawling and they took the challenge on directly. YHC was coming to the finish line when Chow-DAH started bringing the heat and the competitive juices started to flow. That guy is the brother that YHC never had (note: he grew up with 2 sisters and now has 4 daughters… that is why this guy needs some F3 connections). At the end, everyone rallied to help Chewy cross the finish line.

The Dora 1-2-3 brought out some interesting action as Emoji decided to break out some John Travolta moves during the jump squats. The theme of the workout was “Bear-ly Alive!” and it was noted on Facebook later by a Restoration Church member that we should have sang “Bear-ly alive. Bear-ly alive. Ah ah ah ah… Bear-ly alive.” Emoji all but did that with his dance moves…

Overall, the beat down went according to plan. There were numerous fart sackers and they missed out on the bear crawl fun. YHC is planning to have this workout make a comeback in the summer with crab crawls or something else…

It was an honor to lead these men through another fight. We all need to embrace challenges in our lives and let them make us stronger. Every day starts better with a F3 beat down with brothers!

~ The Carpenter


Ashcreek 5K on May 20th. We are looking to fire up a BIG F3 presence. YHC has a verbal commitment for a table or booth from the organizer.  Check out the details and sign up here (indicate F3 as your team) – http://www.ashcreek5k.com


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  1. Great workout this morning. I do not want to see another bear the rest for a while. Sorry to the PAX, I believe I was the one that suggested the bear crawls around the church last night!

    Shout out goes to Chewy for not giving up with the last straight of bear crawling!!

    What a great way to finish up the first of many weeks with 4 AO’s in Mechanicsville!!

  2. Rockin workout The Carpenter! Note: Bear crawls are NOT the most efficient way to circle an entire church compound. Guess we had to learn the hard way. Our shoulders will thank you later. Great to have celebrity guest Flipper on the scene. Couldn’t keep up with him. As usual, the pre-teen 2.0s knocked it out of the park and are quickly becoming young Schwartzeneggers week by week.

  3. It was a good fight out there this morning. The “You-vs-You” was in full effect and everyone embraced the challenges. I am still feeling the strength of this hard-nosed start for today.

  4. Great workout, gentlemen! So many times, F3 gets me ready for my day. Today was no exception. Between the workout and Teaparty’s heartfelt prayer, I felt like I could do anything today!