Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Super 6


YHC got used to pulling into the parking lot at Circus Maximus to a crowd of cars and men carrying around chunks of iron so imagine my surprise when I pulled into an empty lot at 0525.  After briefly contemplating whether the AO would turn into a mix of running and bells an unfamiliar vehicle rolled up next to YHC.  Welcome to Circus Maximus Bunny Slope.  A couple others rolled in before the warm up and then 2 LIFOs from DaVille to make a total of 6.


SSHx25, DQx10, Helicopter x15, ArmCircles x15 each

1 Burpee:4 KB Swings, increasing by 1 and 4 each round OYO for 5 minutes

Super Six

  • ½ Get Up (Turkish Getup with only situp portion)
  • Goblet Squat
  • High Pull
  • Reverse Lunge w/ under the leg pass
  • Clean
  • 1 arm alternating swing

Do 30 reps of each, run an easy lap around the curb islands, 20 reps, run a lap, 10 reps, run a lap

Captain Thor (Hulk Style) – 1 WWII:4 American Hammers w/ KB, increasing by 1 and 4 each round OYO about 4 minutes

A little time remaining so – 10 Snatch each arm, 10 Alabama Honeymoons, 25 Flutter Kicks w/ KB held high


A lighter crowd today than the past few weeks at CM.  Between the HDHH and MANNdate starting up yesterday in DaVille the fartsack ruled the morning.  Those that escaped the fartsack got to enjoy a simple yet effective beatdown.  Good to see another new face at CM, Bunny Slope was a first timer but seemed to know his way around a workout and KB.  That’s at least 3 days this week for him and after the sandbags yesterday, that’s impressive commitment early on, I’m  sure Corporate will take note of this.  As always it’s a you against you workout and after the Captain Thors Emoji said he thought he lost.  I disagree, I say he won, the only way to get better and stronger is to push and challenge yourself.  YHC was glad to help Mudface delay a decision to go up in weight, apparently today was enough to put that off for a few weeks.  Shockwave made it back out and was a little shocked to have a day below 30 and only 4 to start after his first CM post of 60 degrees and double digit PAX.

Note to other Qs if you are going to try a new exercise, try it out first with the full weight.  The ½ get ups were tried at home with the Ms 10 lb KB for form but the 35 did not work out so well for YHC.

Great job today, lots of swings, lots of time under weight and lots of arm fatigue as I type this with my toes.


See EF Hutton’s backblast from NoToll earlier this week, he summed it up well.


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  1. Way to work fellas. And, way to bring the pain Rosie.

    Between HDHH and some wrist pain following NoToll and W-Dog, the smart-sack won the morning and the Gumbo stayed in the microwave…

  2. Sorry to miss, but I plan to rotate between my old lady mary munford and mistress circus maximus for a while.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    See swirly regarding the term “smart sack”. Corporate has very stringent guidelines.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Rosie, sounds like a great beat down. Was Saab missing from another kettle bell workout. Shocking!!!

  5. Excellent beat down Rosie! Thanks for the variety and intensity. With all the simple counting, pretty soon us DaVille PAX will learn math.