Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Do more of what you dislike and you will get better!


Two men showed up in a truck and waited to identify headlights……………. It would appear these two would be the only PAX today. So be it.

Wilson took Q and started running (I know right!) We went onto Old Hundred then towards Clover Hill High School.


SSH, Don Quixote, Wall sits

Mosey to the bleachers for another version of running. Partner up…….

One runs up and down the bleachers while other PAX does exercise. Move down the bleachers running at each railing. 1st – Merkins, 2nd – Incline Merkins, 3rd – Decline Merkins & 4th – Dips. There are eight railings so it was done twice.

Mosey back to SOT for some Mary. Run around school to complete the workout.


Honeymoon & YHC showed up at SOT in plenty of time to ensure the bus driver completed his thorough check. Now that his bus is safe we can get ready to start our journey. Once we realized we were alone we took a second to work through the emotions of being abandoned at SOT (rumor has it Gumbo took Q at WDog), we took off. While I dislike running, I understand we MUST do the things we dislike if we are ever to improve. Bleacher work it is. The struggle today was to stay upright on the aluminum bleachers in the rain. We both came close to falling and meeting our maker (ok – a little over dramatic, but scary none the less)! It was a simple workout today, but effective.


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  1. Honeymoon – had a blast this am in the rain! Love this video “be cool Barry!” Have a great day fellas and see you in the gloom soon!

  2. Way to work guys! Yep, I changed it up this morning and hit W-Dog. Had to get a break from the bus fumes and super-gloom at SOT. I’ll be back next week…but I don’t want to be a 3rd wheel?

  3. I’m sure the desire for some Gumbo would draw many more than 3! Looking forward to a Gumbo return to SOT!

  4. Nice work today guys!

    Much respect for pushing through the weather.

    The McRib FS was overwhelmingly influential this AM.