Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dogpile Vacation – Hardywood Style


“The sun, it does not cause us to grow. It is the rain that will strengthen your soul. It will make you whole.” Oh Hellos

25 warriors rose to the dawn of a new day including two outstanding 2.0 female burpee slayers. We had clarity.  We had purpose.  We had a plan.

It went a little something like this.

COP – Mosey over to Byrd Park proper and gather by the lake. IC –  SSH X 20, Imperial Walker X 15, LBC X 20, Freddie Mercury X 15, Merkin X 10.

Camp 1 – Mosey to pavillion near Maymont parking lot. Partner up and complete 3 rounds of the following – 10 Boo Ya Merkins, 20 Partner Leg Tosses.

Camp 2 – Mosey to Hampton Road.  OYO complete 5 burpees.

Camp 3 – Mosey to east Maymont parking lot to the halfway point.  To the entrance gate complete the following 10 Polar Bears & 10 6 Inch Snow Angels.

Camp 4 – Mosey to Hampton Road and the Northbank Trail access point.  Complete the following.  20 Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 20 two count flutter kicks.

Camp 5 – Mosey down the trail to the service road.  Triple check -> Run, Balls To The Wall, Six Inches.

Camp 6 – Mosey down access path just before the trail and all pax pick a spot on the railing.  IC 20 dips, 10 Incline Merkins.

Camp 7 – Mosey up the trail to through the parking lot to the base of the hill.  Partner up and complete the following.  Partner carry 20 steps then switch places for 20 more partner carries.  Once each partner has completed a carry do 10 merkins.  Follow this success formula all the way to the brickhouse.

Mosey back to the flag, numberama, namerama, Circle K lead us out.

Moleskin – Way to work ladies and gentlemen!  It wasn’t until YHC began compiling the details of todays workout that the actual volume of work was recognized.  The distance covered was around 2.25.  Throw in a few laps on the Triple Check and we got in some work!  Fudd gets all the credit for todays F3 neighborhood expedition.  A few weeks ago he suggested we shake things up a bit.  Dogwood Dell is an awesome AO, but in the words of Thomas Jefferson “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.”.

YHC was presented with a new cultural norm this morning.  When you see the Q with a headlamp, best to get yours on as well.  Duly noted.  Welcome Backdrop.  Way to crush it this morning and many thanks for indulging in the endorphin laced Kool-Aid we like to consume around here.  If anyone says your workout like a girl. Thank them and share the legend of Cirle K’s 2.0s.


Feb 15th – HDHH (Hump Day Happy Hour) at Ardent.  See Lockjaw for details.

April 24 Fudd is organizing a suicide prevention golf tournament.

Running – Bel Monte TYA, Smokey Mountain Relay TYA, Ragnar Relay Toga

Be super.



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  1. The pax crushed it this morning. Thank you for your effort, your attitude and your commitment. Hold your head high today and be proud of what you did.

    There’s nothing special about waking up. It does say something about you when you wake up and dominate your morning.

  2. Awesome workout this morning Hardywood. Way to change things up. Triple check down by the canal was something special. Shout out to all PAX members during the partner carry. That was no joke going up that hill.

    Also shout out to Neck Brace for twisting his ankle but completing the workout. Way to go!

    Have a great weekend fellas!!

  3. Way to lead us this morning Hardywood! That was a lot of fun exploring the surroundings of dogpile, and it was a real nice beatdown too.

    Much respect to Fudd who had to carry 1.15 x his body weight on the partner carry and had to endure a stale and sweaty beanie in his face while being carried. That’s what F3 brotherhood is about. Now time to do some laundry at the McRib abode.

    Great work men.


  4. That was one kick-ass vacation. Like all good vacations, I think I need a few recovery days from this one. Enjoyed the change-up. Thanks for leading Hardywood.

    Welcome backdrop and K-vault. Way to crush it today.

    See you all in the gloom!

  5. Wow what an impressively planned workout Hardywood! The only place I had ever worked out today on the Dogpile/WDog AO before was the last hill to the brick house … everything else was brand new. Big ups to Hardywood for bringing his best Q fastball. It was a good reminder to keep pushing each other a little further and harder every time.

    Welcome Backdrop! Hope to see you again soon!!

  6. Somehow Hardywood has been able to tap into and alter the space-time continuum…. I am fairly certain that was a 2 hour workout accomplished in an hour. Great Q. Well done fellas way to push out there. You don’t need to be perfect, just get 1% better everyday.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent field trip Hardywood!
    Well done pax …
    Atta baby Phonics – way to push it up that hill dude!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  8. What a beatdown! Kudos and much thanks for the ingenuity Hardywood. That was a lot of fun. I would encourage every Q to take a page from Hardywood’s book and do what you can to be unique out there. Sure, it’s easy to just have the Pax go do a beast with burpees (like our brother who will remain nameless but who’s name rhymes with Yoga), but it’s more fun to change things up every once and a while.

    Much thanks to McRib for the ride up the hill, and for the promise to wash that hat. Every pax you will ever carry on your back going forward thanks you! Great to see Viral out there again. Keep posting brother! Corporate sees that effort!