Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Anemone Ring of Fire


15 Pax assembled for the latest iteration of WDog.  It wasn’t sunny but it was nearly 70–amazing for an early February workout.  Here’s, more or less, how things went down.

Mosey around the field to our usual COP location.

COP: 20x SSH, Arm Circles Forward and Backward, 12x Merkins.

Mosey to Amphitheater for Dips, 10x on every step (180 total).

Mosey to Rusty Cage for partner pullups Ladder 1-5 pullups and 5-1 Chin ups.  Then 10 second hangs:  chin up position with neck to bar, chin up position with head above bar, pullup position with head above bar.

Carry sandbags to the bottom of Jacobs ladder for the Anemone Ring of Fire.  Pax split into groups of 7 and 8.  One of the Pax ran up the hill to the pavement with the sandbag and back.  The others kneeled in a circle and passed sand bags around while holding them overhead throughout (the number of bags was the number of the circled pax less 1, for example in YHCs group there were six kneeling pax and we held 5 bags overhead).   The exercise is complete when each of the pax has done the run once. After each exchange, the direction of rotation was switched.

Mosey to carillon for a triple check.  Exercises:  Run up and around the carillon steps, Elbow plank with sandbag on back and Merkins.

Take sandbags back and mosey to the flag.

YHC took us out.


It was good to see Viral back out there today, and kudos to Bunny Slope who is new to WDog but has posted 3 days in a row after his first workout on Monday.

As is typical, YHC did a few experimental exercises this morning with some hangs and with the  crowd pleaser, the Anemone Ring of Fire, named because the pax were waving the sandbags overhead in a circle similar to a sea anemone.  YHC currently feels like he has two daggers sticking in his upper back.  That was awesomely tough!

Good work today men, as always it was a pleasure to lead you.


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  1. Well done Sippy. To start with 180 dips set the tone for the workout. Way to get creative and keep it fresh. And a big welcome back to Viral!

    Also of note, anemone and anime are to totally different things. Domo arigato.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Sippy !! Sandbags – yep feeling those….
    Atta baby Wheelbarrow for getting in your mile after that beatdown – corporate see’s you buddy !
    Good job Bunny Slope – keep it up – believe me it’s worth it… Glad that foot is better Viral we missed you out there dude.. Hardywood my pull up partner – you crushed it bro !
    Well done pax that was a great way to start the day.
    I’ll see y’all in the gloom… Or at tonights Wed hill run 🙂

  3. Your use of those sandbags were no joke Sippy. I may have to start bringing my own (stuffed with dirty undies of course).

    Kudos to Singer and Flip for cranking out the Triple-check. Also appreciated the thoughtful placement of the sandbag on my back second round…made a huge difference.

  4. Awesome Q Sippy! I needed the beatdown this morning. …Still chewing on sand thanks to those leaky bags.

  5. Foot is feeling fine but I almost puked about three times out there so all is right in the world. 😀

    Glad to see everyone and glad to be back!!!