Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Some Things are Better Left Unsaid


Nine redwoods posted at Source of Truth this morning for some physical work. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a VSF and took the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:


COP warmup with 30x SSH, 30x imperial walkers, 25x don quiotes, 25x freddie mercs, 30x front arm circles, 30x back arm circles, 10x large arm circles each direction.

Mosey to nearest school entrance with 4 kettlebells for later. Plank sequence. COP 8 count body builder burpees pan pax.

Mosey around to front entrance of school. COP with merican ciabattas.

Mosey around to main entrance of school (inexplicably around back). Box jump ciabattas on steps and side walls. Donkey kicks ciabattas against brick wall.

Mosey around to basketball courts. Plank walk ciabattas back and forth along lane lines. Crab walk along length of basketball court. Reverse crab walk back.

Mosey to front of school for what was intended to be a classic triple play including wall sit, kettlebell swings, and a run about 200m each round. Unfortunately, YHC ran out of time after the 2nd round. Thus, sequence is more accurately referred to as a “triple double.”

COT with YHC taking us out.


It was ciabatta day at SOT with very little running (other than routine moseys to get around the AO). YHC has been working through lower ITB problems, so no repeats or sprints were required today. KevinBacon (McRib) got in his 1 mi. pre-game run on the track prior to our ciabatta-fest,

After the arm-circles, someone mentioned that they were glad no mericans had been thrown into the mix. Oops. We went directly into body builder burpess, followed a round of merican chiabatta. F3 Tip of the Day — It is generally ok to think those thoughts, just make sure you don’t verbalize them.

Gumbo was shredding the box jumps. YHC was able to sync up with him for a few rounds, but it was too much for all 8 ciabatta rounds.

We threw in a little bit of kettlebell work this morning but ran out of time. Circus Maximus has been well attended lately, but there is room for more. Many of us have extra loaner kettlebells. Come check it out!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead this morning.



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  1. Nice Q Jville. I enjoyed the variety and the lite running, but those ciabattas brought the pain and the sweat. My legs felt like jello during my post-beatdown mile.

    9 is a strong number for SOT – way to post fellas. See ya’ll in the gloom.

  2. Nice Q, Jville. You may be grumpier than Toga when you Q.
    Long distance crab walks were a killer.

  3. Well done Jville, glad to see your knee is better. Ciabatta merkins > all other ciabatta (including the bread) Mr. Ciabatta, inventor of the timed workout and Panera would be proud.

  4. I’ll take a low running beat down any day of the week. I enjoyed today’s workout. The body builder burpee & kettle bells were my fav. Nice job JVille!

  5. Just what we need, a grumpier Toga with kettlebells tomorrow. Like the title of this bb, some things are better left unsaid.

  6. Nice job Jville! Great Q and we actually moved around the AO quite a bit. My favorite part of the morning was how you instructed us to intently grab and move the KBs at 5:35 as if we were actually going to use them but then take us on a slow and methodical merry go round of pain around SOT…It was a nice psychological redirect and added an element of hope as we were doing merkins, crab walks and every other thing we did prior to the triple check. Unfortunately, I had very little left in the tank by then.

    All in all nice job and great showing for SOT.

    Thanks for leading Jville.