Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is it Spring???


15 F3 RVA men awoke to short sleeves weather in February and attacked DaVille.  YHC planted a Shovel Flag and it went something like this:

Mosey to soccer field for COP.  Exercises included:  Invisible Jumprope x 10, Don Quiote x 10, Monkey Humpers x 10, Gas Pump x 10.

PAX lined up at one end of field and performed Lt. Dan’s 100 yards to warm legs up.

Quater Pounder : Pax lined up at one end of field and Sprint to 25 yd line for 25 Burpees, run backwards to starting point, Sprint to 50 yd line for 50 squats, Sprint to 75 yd line for 75 mountain climbers, run backwards to starting point, sprint to 100 yd line for 100 SSH, run backwards to starting point.  Plank until all PAX complete.

Burp Back Mountain : Pax partners up.  One Pax runs backward to 50 yd line and then sprints back to starting point while other Pax performs burpees.  Repeato until Pax team completes 100 burpees.  Dead Dog until all Pax complete.

Mosey across field for Ring of Fire Medley : Monkey Humper Ring of Fire, Merkins Ring of Fire, LBC ring of Fire all in succession without rest.

Mosey to BBALL courts for Suicides : Regular Suicide, Burpee Suicide, Revers Suicide with LBC x 25 at end.

Mosey back to SF for 3 minutes of Mary.  Exercises performed Flutter kicks x 25, Freddie Mercuries x 25.

Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out with Prayer.

Announcements : Smoeky Mountain Relay-see TYA, Ragnar-See Labrat or Toga

Moleskin : What a treat it was when YHC woke up to 53 degree weather for a beatdown.  While it is always 70 and sunny in F3 RVA (if you do not believe that, just ask TYA or listen to a F3 RVA Podcast), it was great to have the actual temperature approach 70 and sunny.  YHC wanted to introduce the DaVille PAX to some new exercises that involved a fair amount of running.  Throw some backwards running and burpees in the mix and everybody was breathing heavy very quickly.  That being said, The PAX accepted the challenge and crushed this mornings beatdown.

A couple of observations from this morning:

Never ask Abacus to draw a straight line as he started on one side of the field and ended up on the other side while doings 100 yards of Lt. Dan’s.

While Emoji still cannot count, he can knock some Burpees out of the park.

Gas Pumps were a hit.

Monkey Humpers suck.

Way to work this morning gentlemen.  Thanks for allowing me to step out front.

Circle K


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  1. Started celebrating how good I still felt on the way back to the flag… Thank you Circle K for beating that stupid grin off my face with 3MoM!

  2. I have never been accused of doing things the easy way. When you have other men to push you, you can always accomplish just a little bit more. That is the power of F3 RVA.

  3. Great Q this morning Circle K. Between your workout and LabRat & I running 1.5 miles, my legs are waving the white flag.

    Somone be sure to get Abacus a turn signal next time we do Lt. Dan’s!!