Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Swirly’s Super Bowl After Party!


4 dedicated players showed up in the gloom this morning for Swirly’s Super Bowl After Party and here is what went down.

Warm up: Windmills, Helicopters, IW’s, SSH, LBC’s, AC’s, Flutter Kicks

Bench work :  5 sets – 10 dips – 10 Incline Merkins – 10 (bench style) lock feet under table WW11 sit up’s …

Playground: 3 Sets – 5 pull ups , 5 chin ups, 10 up/down merkins

Tennis Court: up and back lunges – Suicides – Russian Solder up and back – backwards Suicide.

Curb Crawl : curb crawl ladder – 1-5 back down to 1 – bear crawl –  incline / delcine merkins ..

Triple Check : run the loop – 3 exercises – Flutter kicks – Captain Thor’s , Squats

Partner Leg Toss : 3 sets of 20.

Mary : Cross leg Lifts, APD’s, Flutter Kicks, Rosalita’s , LBC’s

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins – holding plank

Moleskin: Mumble chatter as you can imagine was all about the incredible game last night.. Wow what a Super Bowl – and what an after party 🙂 great job pax.. Also congrats to Pats fans TYA and Wedding Singer – can’t believe you dudes didn’t show up for the after party ..

YHC tried to cut the after party short but the pax revolted cause we were just having way to much fun…. Thanks to Sippy Cup for watching the game clock! It was a beautiful morning and a great way to start the week. Thanks for allowing YHC to lead this morning fella’s – way to push it… YHC learned after Qing the day after Super bowl last year – (NO Balls to the Wall )!! Glad I remembered – although YHC believes this years pax could have handled it just fine…

Things to remember : Smoky Mountain coming up – get with TYA if you are interested – it’s sure to be a blast! Lockjaw has the Q for HDHH @ Ardent – 15th..Belmonte coming in March – Ragnar in April – see Toga if interested.. F3RVA podcasts are up take a listen if you have not already…

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Exclusive ticket to this after party. Nice work fellas… and, I clearly missed the memo about No BTTW after Super Bowl — was that on a Podcast? It did suck during our triple check, but it always sucks in my opinion.

  2. Sounds like a typical Swirly beatdown.

    I remember those BTTW last year after the super bowl. Thought the 25 wings I ate would comeback up. No joke!

  3. GREAT Q this morning Swirly. Lots of variety and always a great way to start the week off. There is just something about the sunrise on a Monday. Be super fellas!

  4. I enjoyed the workout, and it was nice to linger a little longer afterwords to talk. The brotherhood was strong this morning. It was also great to see the sun peaking out at the end. I was treated to a beautiful sunrise as viewed from the Nickel bridge on my run home. Great way to start the week!

  5. Great way to start the week, thanks Swirly. Now I just need to figure out how to recover and restore my shovel flag.