Thursday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Feel the (Wind)Burn @Stinkhill


8 Pax, including FNG Hot Corner, braved a cold, windy Saturday morning at Stinkhill for YHC’s VQ. With a reported wind chill of 18, we had to get moving quickly:


Side Straddle Hop            IC 4CT                25

Imperial Walkers              IC 4CT                15

Mericans      On my count (OMC)                30

Big Boy Sit Ups                  OMC                   25

Flutter Kicks                      IC 4CT                 25

The Thang:

Indian Run to South Side of Playground with Flag -include one lap of area to point out dips/leg raise facilities and plant flag in center

11s of Dips and Air Squats (at flag), Plank Up to let everyone catch up

11s of Leg or Knee Raises and Narrow Arm Mericans (at flag), Air Chairs to let everyone catch up

Indian Run one lap of area (with flag) and plant flag at the base of the steps on the south side of Stinkhill

Bear Crawl to top of Stinkhill

Slow Count Burpees        IC 6CT                15

Fully intended to repeat the Bear Crawl/Burpees, but my old lungs rebelled and YHC made a quick audible:

Dip ladder (from 10 to 1) down steps and jog the rest of the way down to retrieve flag

Indian Run with flag back up steps, across Stinkhill,  back down the steps on the north side, and plant flag

Dericans (feet on short fence)         OMC         20

Fence Hops (hands on posts)         OYO          10

Shuttle Run – 2 Pax at a time as others performed Mericans OYO

Indian Run with flag back to its mate for 5 minutes of Mary

Ring of Fire- Plank position:

15 Mericans

20 Flutter Kicks

Merican Wave*:   6” Plank and hold as each Pax repeats in turn around circle

Push up from 6” Plank and hold as each Pax repeats in turn around circle

Repeat 6 times

*Dreamliner correctly observed that we were doing a very nice wave as we went around the circle so in response to that astute observation, YHC has named this exercise the Merican Wave

 Circle of Trust

The PAX stayed on our six for the COT.  Counterama and namerama were performed (thanks to Dreamliner’s quick reminder to YHC). Welcome Hot Corner and congrats to Seaworm on his second posting! He’s hooked now 🙂

YHC was struggling to come up with something to talk about here until the following passage was stumbled upon :

 Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. 10 For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!

YHC shared how this passage really seemed to put into words what makes F3 so special and Seaworm added that he was really thankful of the group and how even though he did not feel he was in shape yet (wont be long), he really appreciated those that waited (Spacemonkey among others) and made sure he did not fall too far back. No Man Left Behind! AYE!

Ball of Man

Group closed with prayers of thanks for the group, the day, and F3 as a whole, prayers of guidance for our President (We may not all agree with everything he does, but we all agree that he needs our prayers), and the Lord’s Prayer (in unison).


2nd F at Panera where Dreamliner reminded those in attendance about the GoRuck in Richmond, VA on March 4 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Dreamliner will drive any PAX that wants to join in on the fun. YHC will respectfully decline as he reminded all that his rucksack is around his waist! Plus he has seen Mentos killing it (and himself) the last several weeks toting that 35lb rucksack around. Great to see Priorities after a rare absence due to illness last week and kudos for gutting it out today at less than 100%. Finally, special thanks to Conspiracy for joining us for my VQ and sharing war stories about the F3 start up in Richmond and good luck with that new little girl on the way.

YHC (Your humble correspondent),



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