Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Super Bowl Pre-game


21 hungry competitors suited up for the chilly weather and stormed into our favorite F3 RVA AO for a little Super Bowl weekend beatdown.  It went a little something like this:

Circle up around the SF for some quick COP – SSHs x25 IC, DQ x10 IC, Cherry Pickers x10 IC, Merkins x10 IC

Mosey/Run down to the pump station and around the back side of the AO up to the Carillon to knock out our 1-mile for the mile-a-day challenge.  Plank-o-rama for the six, including a little reach around and tickle special for Flashdance and Swirly.

Football-style pre-game warmups on the bricks in front of the Carillon, including high knees, side shuffle, karaoke, backwards run, sprints from a 3-point stance and bear crawl (chop blocks) followed by a sprint.

Mosey over to the Amphitheater for some “stadium” stairs.  Two columns – run down the middle stairs to the base, 5 merkins, run up the outer steps and back to the middle, 5 merkins — repeato.

Circle up in the grass circle in front of the Amphitheater – Al Gore for the six.

Burpee Shuffle — called by YHC.  10 Burpees total.

Mosey to the field for some modified 4-corner agility drills.  PAX waiting to start performed SSHs and Squats.  4-corners consisted of a sprint to the first corner (cone) and perform 1 burpee, side shuffle to the left cone and perform 1 burpee, back pedal to the next cone and perform 1 burpee, then bear crawl to the cone in the center and perform 1 burpee.  For the 3rd and final round, skip the burpees at each corner and instead complete the agility drills as fast as you can and perform 5 burpees in the middle at the end.

Mosey to the other end of the field for some QB drills with a little risk/reward decision.  QBs (Swirly, Upchuck and YHC) chose to throw football to a 12-yard out (garden bucket) or 20-yard seam (trash can).  If target was hit in the air, PAX performed easier exercise.  If target was missed PAX performed burpees (10 if you missed the check-down target; 5 if you missed the deep route).  All 6 passes were to the deep route and all 6 were incomplete, so the PAX performed 30 burpees.  Of course, Swirly promptly nailed the trash can after the last round.

Split up into two teams (we will call them Patriots and Falcons) for relays races that included a pass and catch component.  If the ball hits the ground, the entire team does 5 merkins and then continues with the relay.  1 practice round, then the Falcons beat the Patriots in the 2 that counted.  Falcons picked 2 exercises — pickle-pounders (Wilson special) and Mariah Carey’s (Hardywood’s contribution — I thought he should have just stomped around complaining about the sound system malfunctions instead of calling cadence but he kept the DIVA locked away and soldiered through the cadence).

Mosey back to the flag (including several pass attempts on the way back, Hardywood and Loose Good carrying our “pass targets” and YHC carrying my mini boom-box — should have had that on TYA’s Drone Cam.

Quick merkin ROF and then COT, name-a-rama, number-rama and YHC took us out.


HDHH – 2/15 at Ardent – Lockjaw has the Q and Swirly has pre-ordered some fruity beer in a dainty glass.

Several races coming up – Smoky Mountain, Ragnar, Ash Creek 5K, BRR training/teams getting organized.  See Swirly, Toga, ?? and TYA for details.

Fudd is again organizing a golf outing for Suicide Prevention — April 24 at Willow Oaks – let’s show some F3 support.


Super strong work by the PAX this morning.  Thanks for indulging YHC with some different themed exercises and making the best of a little “dead air” in the 4-corners, relay and QB drills.  Good fun and competitive spirit in the relays.  I thought Spit was going to go all Dick Butkus and close-line Helix.  They play rough in DaVille!  Gotta keep your head on a swivel – you never know when Terry Tate office linebacker may be lurking — the pain train is coming, WOO-WOO.

Decent mumble-chatter on the mile run, but it seemed to quiet down once we got down to business.

Way push through the cold this morning and thanks for playing along.  I may have to Q an “F3 Spring Game” in the warmer weather…complete, of course, with a post-game Tailgate!!

Have a great Super Bowl weekend men.

No more Gumbo for you.


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  1. I’m still flying high on the adrenaline from this morning – what a great start to the day. Thanks Swirly for dropping a few dimes on me right in stride – many that felt good!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I loved this Q Gumbo! Anytime I get the chance to sling the ole pigskin around is a good day ! Great hands today dude – all I had to do was put that ball close and you would get it … man that was fun – didn’t want it to end – hey any you guys up for a little pick up game – tackle ? 3 second wrap ? 2 hand touch – smear the ____:)
    See y’all in the gloom …

  3. Awesome workout this morning Gumbo! I’m still jacked after that! Thanks for getting our mile in as well.

    You should have seen helix’s eyes when I was coming after him! priceless!!

  4. Great Q Gumbo, we moved around a lot. Great to see Loose Goose back at Dogpile and Kotters to Lightning Rod.

  5. Excellent Q @Gumbo, you certainly had a lot of Q’drenaline at least for the first half there!

  6. Great Q there Gumbo. In addition to a great workout I learned the following:
    – I am still comfortable with my decision not to pursue a career in football
    – Hearing about someone ‘having their corn ground’ can sometimes border on too much information
    – No matter how secure you think your balls are, Wilson will always surprise you with an unsuspecting slap