Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Time on Deck


The fart sack was calling me this morning than I sat up in bed with the thought of Swirly outside my house with the Woodfin truck yelling get your ass up you are the Q for God sake!!!

The Thang :  circled up and ran to the four corner parking lot. 1 round of knee hugs 2. Russian Zombies.  Than ran 10 labs of 4 corners without the corners.  Indian pole merkin relays 1 round 2 round heals to heaven with upright Alabama prom date locked in the up position relay.

Teams of 2 ran/dips 2 rounds ran/bent over rows 3 rounds  ran/decline merkins 3 rounds

Ran back to the flag

Thanks again to the PAX that kept me on time.  Also Honey Do, thanks for the prayer that was just what I needed this morning.  It’s always a better day with F3 and our PAX!!!


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  1. Yes, I enjoyed the shake-up today Flashdance, nice work. The chill was in full effect in the gloom this morning. Way to push through fellas.

  2. Knee hugs?!? What the hell? Partner knee hugs?

    I am picturing Flashdance hugging Hardywood’s knees….

  3. LOL…we all needed a Knee Hug after holding the APD in the locked and loaded position for so long.

    Lots of Podcast fodder during this beatdown – too bad none of the producers were in the PAX.

    BTW, I think I felt the earth shutter at 0531 this morning when none of Swirly, TYA, Bleeder or Rosie were in attendance at an RVA AO…something was off in the universe this morning…or at least in the gloom.

  4. Forgot to thank you Flashdance for serving up exactly ZERO LBCs this morning. Now I get to pound out 1000 tonight or risk the wrath of Corporate

  5. Sorry, allow me to be more specific: Thanks for demonstrating the SSHs you were doing with weights as the only dude in a hot yoga class…which you kept referring to as LBCs…and where you had to contain your desire to bust into cadence. Some of us, weaker than you, would be containing our collective desire to bust into other things…