Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kids, don’t try this at home…


Eleven intrepid men – which included two south-siders (south to DaVille that is) – presented themselves on a dark frigid morning for YHC’s first DaVille Q.  This is more or less what transpired…

COP:  SSH, DQ, Merkins

Red Barchetta:  Flutter kicks (100), LBC (75), Mountain Climbers (50), Merkins (25).  Perform each at corresponding yard-line after out and back suicide run.

Donkey Kicks (10, 20, 30):  After each set Polar Bear crawl out, then crab-crawl back.

Catch Me If You Can:  Partner runs backwards around bus loop while partner does 5 burpees, run and tag partner then swap. Two laps around.

Jacobs Ladder:  1 merkin, 1 J-Squat, 1 Burpee.  Ascending to 7 for each.  Perform across 3 alternating points across b-ball court….running from point to point.

Mary:  LBC’s (30), Rosalitas (30), Box-Cutters (20)


YHC wanted to end the month with a bang, which thus led to his innaugural Q at DaVille.  Having posted there only once before – in the dark – he required occasional orientation.  This was evident as he prepared for the Red Barchetta, where the PAX had to confirm for him both a) they were truly standing on a soccer field and b) the true direction of the goal line.  Having that settled, YHC expressed his disdain for the band Rush as he went through the details of the exercise.

Having remembered it was too cold for fireflies, YHC realized the periodic glow of lights he witnessed was from those checking their wristwatches.  Concerns then arose that the PAX was growing bored and feeling un-challenged.  To hopefully remedy this, he threw in his beloved Jacobs Ladder at the end…in the hope it would fill the void.

On a more personal note, after posting 30 days this month, this concluded YHC’s own personal csaup for the month of January….one cannot stress enough how stupid and utterly pointless this was – thus the title of today’s BB.

Announcement:  Lab Rat has one more DaVille shirt to unload at a bargain price.

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  1. I sincerely appreciate everyone coming out today and thank you for the warm welcome as always. Everyone did great and kudos to you all for putting up with my nonsense.

    Extra thanks to Toga for clown-carring it with me today…it was great to have the company (and assistance in not getting lost).

  2. Thanks for Qing us this morning Saab! Congrats on compeleting your personal CSAUP this month!!

    Shout out to Wheelie for not only crushing the workout this morning but also for having over 12k LBC’s completed this month!!

    Glad to see a good showing on a cold gloom morning!

  3. Thanks for leading and the ride today. After getting used to the array of yellow lights on the dash and realizing the normalcy of it, I realized we weren’t going to have to run home. I’ll have to work with Spike re how not to make your partner do an extra set of burpees, but he’s young and still capable of change.

  4. Thanks, Spit, Upchuck and Saab. Found 75 LBCs were a great break between Conference calls! Mile-a-Day February will require even more commitment.

    Thanks to Opus for EHing me to F3.

  5. You are doing great! There are times when it feels like I am not making any progress and then bam! Breakthrough. Keep pushing yourself!

  6. Saab, it’s an honor just to be at the same AO with you. Thirty F3 posts in a month including an RVA CSAUP – holy smoke! Thanks for the Q and for being an incredible role model.