Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I’ll take a side of LBCs – *UPDATED*


3 River Run newbies paired up with 3 regulars to take on the cold wet grounds of Bettie Weaver Elementary to kickstart the last Monday in January.

Here’s what went down (more or less):


  • SSH – IC x 20
  • Imperial Walkers – IC x 20
  • Arm Circles – 10 small to 5 big to Reverso
  • LBCs – IC 100

Mosey to black top

Black Jack

  • 20 Merkins to 1 LBC (Run to other side of black top and plank for the six)
  • 19 Merkins to 2 LBC
  • Repeat until you get to 1 Merkin and 20 LBCs

90 LBCs IC

Bear Crawl Burpees

  • Perform a 1/2 burpee to merkin position then bear crawl until Q calls out ‘Grizzly’ then perform standing portion of burpee
  • repeat until reaching the other end of the blacktop

100 LBCs IC

Catch a Crab

  • Partner exercise
  • Partner 1 performs crab walk moving away from partner 2
  • Partner 2 performs 5 crab cakes then bear crawls to catch partner 1
  • Repeat until each partner performs 5 rotations

Triple Check

  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Run around loop (audible to curb after 1 round)

Mosey to dry sidewalk

100 LBCs IC

Numberama, Name O rama, Gumbo took us out


It was cold and wet at the River Run today.  YHC was expecting small numbers due to the weather, but was pleasantly surprised to see a few extra headlights in the parking lot and was even more surprised to see Fudd peeling in as the PAX started to take off.  This resulted in the PAX needing to take a Capri Lap around the parking lot to allow for Fudd to catch up as YHC would hate to have Fudd play catch the PAX in an unfamiliar territory.

YHC had 2 objectives today 1) get in some catch up LBCs and 2) avoid excessive running.  Not included in the objectives above: 1) Staying dry or 2) Protecting palms.  LBCs were sprinkled throughout the Q and the PAX completed 600 total together.  These were mostly done on the freshly wet blacktop, which was also sprinkled with snow flurries throughout and was cold enough to numb Fudds lower backside region.  PAX take note…no Fudd droppings were dealt this AM at River Run, however, Fudd’s 4th F was strong once LBCs were moved onto dry and warmer concrete.

YHC also was excited to try some new exercises this AM with the introduction of the Bear Crawl Burpee and Catch a Crab.  Fudd crushed the BC Burpee across the blacktop, and the Catch a Crab spread the PAX out nicely as each partner was chasing each other at various intervals.  These were also solid shoulder and palm crushers that effectively shredded the Nike workout gloves the M got YHC for Christmas.

During the triple check, the PAX had to audible as there was concern that Oyster and Hezekiah had abandoned ship during their run.  Fudd and Gumbo had to form a quick search party and were able to find the missing PAX fairly quickly after they took a wrong turn around the loop (Yes…you read that correctly).  Future River Run AOs may need to include a tutorial on shapes.  On a side note…Fudd and Gumbo looked great running together in their VMI sweatshirts…YHC fears his may have been lost in the move last year, but will try to locate and join the GDC at future postings.

Lastly, it is great to see new faces and F3 RVA brethren checking out the River Run.  It really is a great AO, with a lot of potential variations for creativity.  YHC loved seeing Fudd and Oyster come check it out for the first time and am happy that Carmen is becoming a regular at Southside AOs.

Welcome to Buzzer Beater..you rocked it today, and hope to see you tomorrow at NoToll.

Also, thanks to Gumbo for taking us out today…well said as always.

Thank you all for letting me take the lead and indulging my further exploration of the Exicon.

Til Next Time!




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  1. It’s got something to do with Amish roots in PA and the furniture business….in hindsight we probably should have asked for his bowling score before settling on Hezekiah.

  2. Great job today gents. Thanks for leading McRib and good thing to you let Hezekiah borrow some gloves — a necessity this morning.

    You certainly accomplished your stated goals this morning. Nice work.

  3. Ha ha…agree. That name assignment has been irking me today. I’ll sleep on it and may propose a McRib switcharoo tomorrow at NoToll.

  4. As Q YHC has invoked the 24 hour rule for naming to change FNG Hezekiah to FNG Buzzer Beater. This change has been approved by Corporate and confirmed through collaboration with PAX member Gumbo.

  5. Welcome BB…this PAX likes those initials for some reason? Or, maybe we will call you Beater for short…the options are endless!

  6. Great Q today McRib. I was picking gravel out of my hair for the first half of my shower this AM. That’s always a sign of a solid beat down….or too many LBC’s with wet gloves that have gravel stuck to them.

    I must say I am VERY disappointed to hear that Hezekiah’s name was changed. Can we get an explanation on that??? And Corporate approved????!!! I’ll need to call Swirly on that one. I drove up to Baltimore today feeling really good about that name. We need more Amish people in F3, and you just killed whatever chance we had at recruiting some of them. We could have sent Hezekiah out into the countryside dressed as a Quaker and I bet he could have brought enough Amish to build us a barn in an afternoon. SMH….

  7. While I was not there, I agree with Fudd! We need some conviction with naming. Make a decision and stick to it. Other than that, looked like a seriously solid beating!