Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Suck Relays at the Circus


A sold out show at the Circus, as 16 brave men embraced the spring-like morning and jumped at the opportunity for fitness, fellowship and faith while swinging some weighted bells around.  It went a little something like this:


  • SSHs x25 IC
  • LBCs x25 IC
  • Helicopters x10 IC
  • LBCs x25 IC
  • Halos x10 clockwise then x10 counter-clockwise IC
  • LBCs x25 IC
  • Slow Goblet Squats x20 IC
  • LBCs x25 IC

Mosey to the circle for Catch your Partner – Partner 1 takes both bells and lunges around the circle, Partner 2 performs 3 burpees and catches Partner 1 for the flapjack.  Lunges audibled to waiter carry for second half of the loop.

Mosey to covered columns for the main even, the Suck Relays.  Form two lines of 8 and spread out 2 men at each column down the line.  While one duo ran the loop, the PAX stationed at the columns performed various exercises, then bear-crawled to the next station when the rabbits completed their lap.  During the second relay, the rabbits performed 50 LBCs instead of running the loop and the transition between stations was lunges.  Exercises at the columns included: two-handed swings, clean and press, squat and press, snatch, WWII situps and press and something else that completely escapes YHC at the moment and wasn’t on the weinke because frankly YHC didn’t expect so many patrons at the Circus today.

Once the Suck Relays were completed, the PAX moseyed back to the parking lot for a ROF – PAX held six inches with bells held high and each PAX took turns completing 10 WWII situps and presses.

LBCs x 25 IC

2 minutes of swings to take us out.

COT – number-rama, name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Listen to the podcasts and for Godsake, someone get Saab a kettlebell!
  • Ragnar – trail run and camping – see Toga
  • Mountain Relays (Smoky and BRR) – see TYA
  • The Shining every Thursday in DAVILLE – show up for some great 3rd F and Food (the other, more pleasant 4th F; not the one often produced by Wilson)


What a morning at the Circus.  First, the gloom was hardly gloomy.  Second, the cars just kept rolling in.  Great turn out this morning fellas. And, thanks for indulging the Suck Relays.  Heavy on the swings and upper-body today, but all PAX members pushed through.  Kudos to Mud Face for sucking up the heavier bells at each station to keep Emoji from blowing out the other shoulder.  I thought it was odd that all the 30 and 35 lb KBs ended up on the same side of the columns — MEN TO THE RIGHT!

Strong work men.  A pleasure as always to step out front.

Make the most of Today.  No more Gumbo for you!


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  1. Way to work men. Only 1 less than the PAX at 45 MOM – and a hell of a lot more weight thrown around!

  2. Makes sense why I stayed to the left. Great Q, G. Great call by Honeymoon regarding the pickup truck…that made Toga, Rosie and me laugh like school girls while trying to do KB squat presses.

    Cheers to Saab for the Circus Maximus shoutout in Podcast 7. Corporate, any thoughts on why only 1 of the 5 podcasters have ever visited Circus Maximus? Everyone is welcome. Cheers to the DaVille boys for testing the Circus waters and discovering its splendor!

  3. Way to put a beatdown on us Gumbo. Glad more PAX are trying the Circus and leaving their comfortable Mumford bubble.
    Also Tclaps to Emoji for a CM first – his KB gave birth to a baby KB during the workout.

  4. Nice work Gumbo! That suck was not so sucky after all. Maybe I should have tried the right side on the 2nd go round. I’m also quickly learning that there is a delayed and prolonged pain from the Circus, so I may change my opinion on the Suck tomorrow.

    Great work today men!

    Til next time.


  5. Well done Gumbo, no one is used to leading such a big group at the Circus. Kettlebell truck…ha! Glad to see the growing numbers at CM. Nothing like a little change to help you grow. Iron sharpens iron, especially when swinging iron around.

  6. It’s always fun to go to the circus, and now we’ve got bigger crowds. Great Q today! It’s always good to get out of the “circle up, stay in one place and swing iron” mode.

  7. Truth be told, my resistance is simply a matter of safety. After hearing tales of their unusual size and weight, I am fearful of being hit by a swinging-pair of Toga’s bells.

  8. I think I’m sold on Circus Maximus! Time to get heavier bells. Was able to lift a small car today thanks to the training.