Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Herding Cats


16 pax plus Q gathered this morning in the parking lot of Mary Munford for 45 minutes of chaos.  The Q heard grumblings of rain drops, but the weather seemed kinda 70 and sunnyish to him.  Here is what was attempted:

Warm up run

COP (Yes, TYA…slightly extended)

  • SSH
  • Scissors  Top Hat and Cane Dancing Frog Rag Time
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Arm Circles
  • Merkins
  • Freddie Mercury’s
  • LBC’s
  • Crab Cakes
  • Crunchy Frogs


Relay Race Potpourri- Teams of 4 (Q was odd man out and shadowed Saab), perform stated relay on tennis courts.  Waiting pax alternate between planks with X5 IC merkins and Al Gores with X5 IC Copperhead squats per runner.

  • Burpee Suicide Relay- Runner performs suicide with a burpee at the end of each tennis court.  Touch the line upon returning each time, tag out to teammate when you return from the 4th court.
  • Bear Crawl/Crab Walk relay- Runner bear crawls past 2nd net, then performs X10 merkins.  Crab Walk past 4th net, perform X10 crab cakes.  Sprint home.
  • Wheel Barrow relay- Partner wheel barrow the length of tennis courts, swapping out at each court.  3-legged run with partner back.
  • Karaoke relay:  Combine into 2 teams of 8, karaoke facing school to 2nd net, karaoke facing Cary Street to 4th net, sprint home.


The pax seemed to be working against the Q this morning.  YHC wonders if this was out of love of the Q, or revolting against him due to his silly idiosyncrasies.  (YHC has settled on love of the Q, for the sake of his fragile ego.)  It all started when Q asked the pax whether they would like the standard boring counting for SSH’s, or the making a glorious sound method made (in)famous last time YHC had the Q (Doo Wah Diddy).  Pax resoundedly chose cadence….whatever.  Then, they just started singing on their own.  To protect the Q’s ego, he will chalk that up to him inspiring the pax to make their own glorious noises instead of just listening to the Q sing.

Then, the circle started shrinking! It got smaller….and smaller…..and smaller.  The Q had a choice to make, fight or flight!  Lab Rat quickly picked the closest hole between two pax members and rag-timed his way out, barely making it to safety before the pax closed in on him for good.  It is also important to note that, while flustered, the Q’s cadence calling remained consistent.  YHC found that this is important to TYA’s well-being this morning.  You want to make TYA quit, change the cadence.  Good to know.

YHC has done relay races in the past.  He did not remember the instructions being so difficult to convey to the pax.  So many corrections to be made!  It started out pretty rough with teams leaving before the Ready set GO!  Team 2….the whole team….took off on the 2nd relay together.  By the end though, the pax started to catch on, and we had a really competitive relay to finish it off.

Although YHC likes to have something for the winners (such as calling out the next exercise or something of the sort), he was just too busy trying to make sure at least the important instructions were clear enough so as to minimize the standing around and make sure everybody gets a good workout in….while hopefully having a little bit of fun at the same time.  Mission accomplished?!?  The Q has no idea, but he is sure that the pax will let him know in good time.

Special thanks to Saab for going twice on the wheel barrow relay, so that the Q would not get accused of holding the “clip board”.

Thanks for playing along, gentlemen!


-Lunch today, noon o’clock at Pops Market on Broad.

-Glad to see Guiness (Charlotte), Wheelie (Mechanicsville), and Carmen San Diego (Southside) make the trip to Mary this morning.

-Circle K is still wearing his G-string looking for any dollar bills he can get to pay for the sex change CSAUP refreshments.  Hook the man up!  Truly men, test that thong and stuff it with a roll of nickles.

-Thoughts and Prayers for Guiness’ sister in law, Kathy.  She is in the hospital and working hard on a recovery.  (Septis?)  Whatever it is, we wish her a speedy recovery.

Lab Rat out.



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  1. I came this morning for the mumble chatter that seems to surround Labrat when he queues. Thanks for the beatdown — we will try to get the relays better next time.

  2. Good Q Lab Rat…nothin’ but love. In the future, don’t ask for permission, just let spontaneity take over and belt it out…the PAX will most assuredly follow, or at least give you crap for it.

    If it wasn’t evident today, Saab does not care for counts.

  3. I might try to “play along” a bit too much with the pax as I am Q’ing. It’s all in good fun, but I dont want to get repetitive. HOwever, I did want to see if the pax wanted a redemption from last time. We needed Pucker though, for that elusive third verse.

    Also, FYI: “the count” is not so that the called upon counter can catch his breath, it is for the benefit of the six. I will refrain from calling upon Saab in the future though, unless it is for comic relief. Of course, that could mean I just call on you every time.

  4. If you are looking to rest the PAX, call on TYA next time. He’ll give it to you in hexadecimal coupled with a Fibonacci sequence.