Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ones’ Complement


Fourteen WDog regulars + 1 non-FNG but FN-Wdogger circled in the darkness promptly at 5:30.  Sippy arrived precisely at 5:29 which gave the PAX the typical 60 second warning.  Quick mosey to the far circle for brief disclaimer then COP:

12 – Don Quixote
1 – Burpee
12 – Copperhead Squats
2 – Burpees
12 – Slow Merkins
3 – Burpees
12 – Mountain Climbers
4 – Burpees

The Thang
Mosey to the rusty cage to pick up Honey Do’s favorite coupons.  Partner up with 1 partner carrying the coupon back to the stage.

One partner is on the stage doing an exercise while the other runs counter-clockwise around the Carillon.  Muscle up on stage without using the stairs.  Each exercise was repeated twice.  Exercises were: Doc Brown’s (squat with a toe raise at the top), side lunges, and curls/overhead presses.  Flutter kicks between sets until everyone completes.  Last set included partner people’s chair while passing the coupon back and forth.

Mosey back to take the coupons home then complete 5 burpees.

Mosey to the amphitheater for 11s with derkins & dips.  Start at the bottom, go up 1 step and complete 1 derkin, come back down to the bottom and complete 10 dips.  Next go up 2 steps and complete 2 derkins, come back to the bottom for 9 dips.  Continue escalating until you do 10 (yes TYA 10) sets.  Plank-o-rama at the bottom until everyone completes.

6 burpees OYO.

Mosey back to the flag for a not-so-quick round of monkey humper ring of fire.  10 humpers then pass to the next, starting with Circle K.

Number-rama, name-a-rama, the end.

YHC always loved math but TYA should recognize that the entire world does not revolve around math.  In fact, the entire world revolves around the sun which is 101011110111100111100000000 miles from earth (YHC guesses).

Hardywood offered up to name the side lunge exercise after the Jackson 5 and commenced singing doo wap.  As Q, YHC questioned his transition from the Jackson 5 to the Hanson Brothers.  Turns out Hardywood has a great deal of knowledge about the brother band from Oklahoma.  Talk amongst yourselves.

As is typical for a Splinter Q, I missed out on an opportunity to be more explicit with instructions.  This inevitably happens once per Q and will continue to work on it.  Thanks to Singer for reminding me of this post-workout.

Running with the coupons was fun until someone busted Honey Do’s sack.  We may need stronger sacks.

Opportunities exist for team relay races.  If you haven’t participated in one before you should.  Contact TYA for Smokey Mountain & BRR info.  If you enjoy camping & running contact Toga about Ragnar.  Toga may even share a tent with you to stay warm.

Next iteration of the podcast is ready.  Listen intently.  Ideally while not drinking coffee as your keyboard may suffer from the dispersement of micro-particles of caffeine.  Bleeder to post soon.

As you witnessed, Circle K knows his way around a big grill.  In lieu of hugs and kisses, Circle K accepts 2″ by 6″ artwork modeled after dead presidents.  If you try to hug or kiss Circle K there could be more sack ruptures.

Splinter out.



  1. Great Q Splinter, except for those dreaded sandbags which I could have done without.

    Enjoyed TYA taking me back to the days when real computers occupied entire floors.

    Apologies for my Monkey Humpers – which were more like humpees.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB and Solid Q Splinter! Thanks leading!
    Ring Of Fire Monkey Humpers = Suck….
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. I share my sack with the PAX and this is how they get treated…
    And to those who left sand on the stage, you also left some of your manhood there as well, you know who you are.

  4. Great Q Splinter. This was my first work with the sandbags and they are no joke. I kept waiting for the darn thing was going to explode while I was trying to raise them over my head. Great work by everyone.

  5. Great Q Splinter! Between the sandbag shoulder press and the 11’s my shoulders and arms were wasted by the end.

    Also, great mumblechatter by TYA trying to guess the number pattern during COP – nothing like starting the day off with a laugh! 🙂

  6. “Hardywood offered up to name the side lunge exercise after the Jackson 5 and commenced singing doo wap. As Q, YHC questioned his transition from the Jackson 5 to the Hanson Brothers. Turns out Hardywood has a great deal of knowledge about the brother band from Oklahoma.”

    All of us were young once….some of us are just young longer. Mmmmbop away, Hardywood!

  7. Would’ve happily shared my nice full smooth non-leaky sack with Singer and Tobit, but they had to go and steal it. smh

  8. Great Q splinter. Yes, J5 moves with a sandbag deserves TClaps.

    There is confusion between Doo wop (music style) and mmmmm bop (song). They could not be farther apart.

    Be super.

  9. February challenge is up. “Run a mile” challenge- mini version (only 28 days). Sign up, and lace ’em up!

  10. TYA came in hot this morning with the Q banter. He anticipated and guessed a number of patterns but none were accurate. There was only 1 pattern today…

  11. Saab, the kettlebells are lighter than those sandbags. I’ll bring the M’s 10 pounder if you can find your way to the Circus.

  12. Great Q Splinter-Coupons are always fun and than add a stage! What an excellent way to have Ring of Fire! Hammies are yelling at me today!
    NO LIMITS and see ya’ll at the gloom!