Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory Returns to DaVille


14 faithful and 1 extreme LIFO came out on this windy Tuesday morning to see the return of Old Glory to DaVille. This is how it went down:

Mosey around the HS and MS (about 1/2 mile) with shovel flag

Short COP
– LBC’s IC x 25
– Crab Cakes IC x 15
– Arm Circles x10 small x5 big reverso

Old Glory Main Event

Complete 2 laps around the soccer field = 1 rotation with the following exercises:
– Lap 1: 20 Merkins at shovel flag, 20 Jump Squats at far corner
– Lap 2: 20 Burpees at shovel flag, 20 WWII Sit Ups at far corner
Complete as many rotation as you can in 30 minutes

Victory Mosey
Person in lead carries flag, exchange the flag when passed. Mosey around the HS and MS (about 1/2 mile)


Abacus took us out


Phonics had the original Q this morning but it seem the winter bug got him so a fartsack morning was needed. He posted on  DaVille FB Messenger asking for someone to Q in his place. Since no one spoke up YHC decided it was time to bring back Old Glory.

Old Glory was one of YHC’s first experiences of F3 (Thanks TYA) and since it has been 7 months since it’s been at DaVille it was time for a return.

YHC decided the break up the traditional one mile warmup run since most of the PAX was still recovering from CSCAUP this weekend. The PAX was ok with this.

Mumblechatter  was low today mainly do to the fact that the PAX was focus at the task at hand.

Shout to Abacus for leading the PAX with the most rotations (5.5) and to Atlas for pushing himself to finish.

Stay tune for more Old Glory workouts at DaVille soon


  • Some F3 RVA shirt still on discount sale. See Lab Rat if you want one
  • AshCreek 5k May 21st. Look to have a F3 Team represented at this event in our community. $25 if you sign up before May 6th. Register under F3RVA. See link for sign up and more details
  • I have created a new Old Glory tracker on the Q signup sheet in google docs for those that want to see how much stronger they get. See the link below:




  1. There is something right about breaking out the Old Glory. The soaking wet field added to challenge and the PAX fought through it all.

    Great Q, SPIT. You and Abacus set a torrid pace. Well done!

  2. February challenge is up. “Run a mile” challenge- mini version (only 28 days). Sign up, and lace ’em up!