Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rock Stars


5 strong Oaks ignored the call of the Monday morning fartsack and met a blustery rainy morning to start the week off right.  Here’s what went down.


COP: Abe Vigoda x 10; Forward arm circles, palms up, 10 small/5 big then reverse, palms down, 10 small/5 big; Copperhead squat x10; SSH x 21

Mosey to top of Stairs of Pain to pick up one large stone for Native American Rock Run back to park’s sled hill.

Slide and the Family Stones:  Each PAX takes a stone and proceeds to slide step to the top of the sledding hill.  At the top, perform 5 burpees.  Slide step back down the hill carrying stone facing the same direction and perform 10 merkins.  Repeat 2x facing each side for a total of 4 reps.

Mosey to playground for some Pull and Squat.  Each PAX performs 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups and 10 squats, then runs to touch the Stone House and back.  Repeat x 3.

Mosey to circular drive in front of stone house.  Run to picnic tables on opposite side of house  for step ups and dips.  First round x 5, second round x 10, third round x 15.

Mosey a few steps to the grassy island to the north.  Perform one (1) sprint at full speed around island.  Retire to the island for 6 MOM.  APD x 10, one-legged APD x 10, Freddy Mercuries x 20, Dying Cockroach x 10, LBC’s x 50.  One round of 10 x merking ROF.



Having never Q’d Batteau, YHC spent some time on Sunday scouting the AO, not wanting to disappoint an anxious PAX filled with anticipation and still on a high from a most excellent CSAUP event.  As if on cue (or Q?), who should show up behind YHC but Hardywood,along with his M and 2.0.  It is quite possible that Hardywood is a mythical park Sprite charged with protecting and nurturing the city’s natural treasures, or maybe he just works out all the time.  Either way, it was great to spend a few minutes with him reflecting on the awesomeness of the previous day.  Having damn near killed myself on the slippery brick walkways on Sunday, YHC made the decision that the workout would take place on high ground in the grass, and hopefully the PAX was able to shake out the soreness while at the same time feeling sufficiently worked.  The Native American Rock Run was improvised and more difficult than expected, and the slide hill was a throwback to an old basketball workout.  Everyone crushed it.  During the sprint, YHC completely gassed himself while Hardywood and Sippy Cup showed their wheels and blew by me as if i was a statue.  As always, Swirly owned the pull up station, and it was really good to get to sweat it out with Wheelbarrow, whom I’ve not gotten to spend enough time with.

It was a pleasure to lead, gents, and it felt really good to get back in the Q.


Normal workouts this week.

Throw some $$ at Circle K, but make sure he keeps his clothes on.

Read the directions before using One Wipe Charlies.

Squeeze your loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you.

Go forward with PURPOSE!



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  1. BT! Way to lead us in the storm. If BT wasn’t such an appropriate name, I’d suggest Ahab.

    Yes, you will find me in one of two places. The park or at Hardywood. My job is to spread cheer and to make sure the blowhards from James River Heating and Air stay the hell out of my neighborhood. I’m still on parole for what I did to the Dominion Heating Oil guys.

    Be super.