Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Don’t step in the Fudd


A mildly moist group of 11 hardy souls, including 1 FNG, posted on another beautiful day at the Punisher for YHC’s VQ.  Here’s what went down:

COP: 20 SSH; 13 Don Quixotes; 15 arm circles (frontwards then backwards); and 40 LBCs.

Mosey to the picnic tables for a round of 10 burpees; 20 derkins; 30 WWII sit ups; 40 flutter kicks; and 50 Freddy Mercuries, with a quick run to the light pole and 10 jump squats between each set of exercises.

Next hit the basketball court for 5 merkins, then bear crawl to the other side for 5 more merkins (go back and forth 3 times).

Then mosey to the jungle gym and partner up for 3 sets of 5 pull ups and 20 partner leg throws.

Followed by some quick sprints on the basketball court, 50/75/100%.

Mosey to the front of the school.  With your partner, alternate wall sits with laps around the parking lot.

Then back to the flag for two merkin rings of fire followed by 20 LBCs and the COT.


After some debate, we named the FNG: “Double Bag,” for his sensible choice of footwear liners.  On the ride home in Saab’s clown car, we debated about changing the name to “The Weather Man,” based on the FNG’s attire for the day.  I agree with Honey Do, that “Double Bag” allows for double entendre, so we will stick with the original name.

P.S. I am pleased to report that none of the PAX stepped in the Fudd.


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  1. Nice work fellas. Way to pop that cherry Ronnie. Welcome Double Bag. And, kudos on avoiding the Fudd.

  2. Nice VQ Ronnie, and welcome Double Bag! I enjoyed the In cadence-OYO LBCs the most. Alas I am still waiting for a properly worded Attorney version of the Disclaimer…

  3. Very solid VQ! They only get easier, but the comments never stop. It was also impressive to see Double Bag post for his inaugural on a day like today. It appeared he was going to have to ride home with a shirtless Upchuck, so he may truly be born under a bad sign. Re Fudd, should he start carrying plastic bags to workouts? “Respect the lawn.”

  4. Great cause Ronnie! Good workout and use of the ao.

    Welcome double bag! You looked like you were ready for the storm to make landfall today.

    Labrat, thanks for the jacket. Mucho appreciated.

    Remember to clean up after your fudd!

  5. It’s always touching to get a backblast mention, especially when you don’t show up for the workout. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to point out to corporate the need to plan future CSAUP routes to pass by at least one porta-pottie. There’s a reason that the Monument Ave 10K has about a thousand porta-potties scattered around the start/finish. Physical exertion causes certain things to happen, especially for those of us that like to enjoy a scotch or two in the evenings.

  6. Nice VQ today, Ronnie. Never easy doing the first one, so way to go (and in the slop at that!). I think “re-turn” might become a “reg-you-lar” thing.

    Also, how about FNG Double Bag. He said to me in the car on the way over something like “Considering the weather, I considered bailing but since you were driving…” Yep, first day, always drive the FNG! He’s already planning to return Thursday or Friday.

    Along with my shovel flag and 20 bricks, I may start carrying a roll of TP and some plastic bags in the SUV. Gifts for Fudd.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Corporate will take that under advisement Fuddski …
    Welcome Double bag…
    Glad to see you on the Q sheet Ronnie..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  8. Heck of a job this morning, Ronnie! For those not in attendance, we did the bear crawls the LONG way….who thinks of this stuff?!?

    Also, much respect to Double Bag for posting in the slop. That’s a tough day 1.

    Lastly to Fudd: even though you may not have posted this morning, we “felt” your presence. and the 25 napkins you took.

  9. Great job Ronnie, Thank you for guiding the PAX around the AO with out stepping in the Fudd, Congrats to Double bag for making out on a F3 weather day.

  10. Nice VQ Ronnie. Eating my lunch while reading the above was not the best decision. To Toga’s point, perhaps we can gather up some Virginia Green “respect the lawn” signs to keep with you Fudd…You simply use them to mark where you’ve been (and therefore mark where the rest of us shouldn’t go)…

  11. You guys are getting soft. All the warriors of old did their business outside. Keep your plastic bags and your TP. All I need are some leaves and a Tron vest.

  12. Then what was with the half a pack of napkins? Were you eating a stew sandwich at the same time?

  13. The napkins were a luxury graciously provided by Circle K. And they were much appreciated by Fudd. As for what I did with them, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

  14. It’s very telling when a sophomoric ‘turd’ reference leads to more BB traffic than we’ve seen in over a month. I love this group.