Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ReeseStrong Dry Run


A friendly 15 hit the pavement and graced Atlee High School this morning with their shining happy faces.  Spit and Circle K raced to put up the shovel flag, and Spit won (he had a head start though).  The weather was dark.

Parking Lot Tracers

  • TYA rant.


  • SSH
    • TYA rant
  • Copperhead squats
    • TYA rant
  • Don Quixotes
    • TYA rant
  • Arm Circles
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
    • TYA rant
  • Crab Cakes
    • Entire Pax rant


Mosey to elementary school for “the hard way” track work:  Run track, stopping as a pax every 5 minutes for 25 merkins + 25 squats.  Extra credit stations along the route inculded (but not limited to) bleacher dips, AMRAP pullups, sprints, karaoke, LBC’s.

Roll back to the six:  Run back to flag, with the Q kicking anybody back to the six that caught up to him, until finally he rolled back to the six as well.  This quickly transformed into whomever was leading at the moment to roll back to the six.  Picture perfect.


This was probably the easiest (to lead) workout YHC has ever Q’d, even with TYA’s watchful eye and liberal critiquing…..a true you v. you workout.  Once the COP was over (yes, that happened after Parking lot tracers) and instructions were given, everybody was pretty much on their own and all the Q had left to do was monitor the time.  Plan was to get 6 sessions in, but we only managed 4 due to the distance from the flag and extended COP.  If anybody didnt work up a sweat this morning though, it was his own fault….but everybody seemed pretty lathered up.

TYA was in rare form this morning, commenting first on the order in which things were taking place (he is not a fan of tracers before COP), and then he lost his marbles when faced with the “DaVille count”.  Insert Upchuck counting in broken spanish and Emoji throwing out random numbers, hilarity ensued.  The entire Pax lost it when Lab Rat tried to rotate during Crab Cakes.  This was definitely one of the rowdiest COP’s in a while.

Over at the track, the code word for the 5 minute mark was “tomato” (this is Hanover, you know).  This brought a brief discussion up regarding “safe words” and what words would make terrible safe words.  Tied for first in YHC’s mind were “more” and “harder”.

If you really want to get grossed out, talk to Emoji and ask him about how his wife is similar to Doc Ock.

Standout effort from the Q’s eye this morning goes to Opus, who is finding out that getting stronger at F3 just means you get to do more stuff.  Also, notable mention to MudFace, for pushing thru a run-heavy workout.  Great work from everybody this morning.  Lab Rat could not have been more proud than seeing all the pax rolling from the front to the back on the run to the flag.  Poetry in motion.

Random note:  Spike now has an F3 shirt.  We will be looking for that VQ, soon now!

A great workout and lots of laughs this morning, gentlemen!  It was truly a pleasure this morning.


  • Frozen Triangle CSAUP:  Saturday at 6 a.m. starting at DogPile.
  • Lab Rat has 1 DaVille XL shirt left, $25.  Get with him if you want it.  He also has a fistful of free F3 stickers he keeps forgetting about.  They are a micro-step below mandatory on your car.

Lab Rat out.




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  1. Great work today, and thanks to the Spider run regulars for letting us borrow Upchuck and TYA.

    And to TYA, you are welcome for all the future podcast fodder! I know my corporate file is about to burst, but it’s always fun to add to the pile.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Pleasure to work out with the group this morning. Great workout labrat.

    I must have missed all the tya rants. Just providing a little commentary along the way. Normal Tuesday morning for me. Corporate is as corporate does… as Forrest Gump always said!

  3. What a great group this morning! I really needed it after this weekend’s eating binges. See some of you Friday! Keep EH’ing boys! I am working on a few people who are finally about to give in and try it out once. Peace.

  4. Well done Lab Rat! Way to make a you vs. you so simple and YET SO HARD! We must be doing something right in DaVille to have Hardywood almost a regular commentator, and now celebrity appearances by TYA and Upchuck. We should raise the price of admission.

  5. Wanted to jump in and send up a special shout-out to Emoji showing off his fancy 6-hour hand-heater glove inserts. Bonus points for his offer to multi-task with Circle-K to apply said inserts to address stated need for temp control in the front of his shorts. Double-bonus for being secure enough in his manhood to see no need to remove his hands from said gloves prior to application.

    Inspiring teamwork!

  6. If this is Front Porch’s virgin post, I must ask: “where have you been all my life?”

    DaVillagers take note: this is how you come strong with a comment.

  7. Upon review, I believe that comment was indeed a cherry-popper. Just been waiting to observe such a Testament to Brotherhood worthy of speaking up. If thanks are due, they belong to Emoji for giving new meaning to the phrase “sharing is caring”.

  8. Wow don’t believe I can follow up Front Porch on that VP!

    Thanks for a great beatdown this morning LabRat. Don’t listen to TYA, Parking Lot Tracers have become a staple of DaVille!!

    Thanks to TYA and Upchuck for joining us Northerners this morning. It was fun to listening to you two rant on LabRat. Sometime we have to bring him back down to earth! 🙂

    I know I’m praising and ranting on LabRat at the same time. What can I say I Sweden in this situation!

  9. Solid backblast comments, besides just Lab Rat & Circle K, Daville is finally hitting it’s stride…
    Aside from the glaring mistake of Switzerland for Sweden by Spit. Gotta come correct with the geopolitical references.