Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Put the Run back into RiverRun


Four of the RiverRun regulars emerged from the warmth of their vehicles in time for Wilson to show off his headlight identification skills as Splinter pulled in as the clock ticked 0530.  Wondering whether McRib was going to enjoy his banker holiday in the fartsack off we went.  At some point McRib emerged from the gloom to make it an even 6.


Long warmup mosey on the roads to the track to loosen the joints.

SSHx? IC, Peter ParkerX10 IC, IWx15

Fantastic 400s

10 each of 4 exercises with the twist of 100m run between each of the 4.

10 merkins – 100m run, 10 Monkey Humpers – 100m run, 10 plank jacks – 100m run, 10 Flutter Kicks (2ct) – 100 m run; Repeato for 20, 30 and 40 reps of each.  Add a straight 400m at a medium pace with a little extra sauce at the end.

Mosey to the playground for a round of Pull Up/Jump Squat 6s – (Shortened 11s)  5 Pullups/1 Jump Squat, 4/2…1/5

Mosey to the bus loop, partner up.  Partner 1 bear crawl/crawl bear across bus lane and back, P2 dips on a bench.  3 rounds then 3 rounds with P2 doing step ups/box jumps.

Mosey around the school the long way to find a dry spot for some Mary.  American Hammer x 20, LBCx50

COT, Wilson took us out.


We took the long mosey to the track, completed the warm up and began on the Fantastic 400s when from somewhere out of the gloom Kevin Bacon McRibwich (full name) showed up behind us.  Wilson may have a little something extra in his LBTs as he thought it might be a clown emerging from the gloom beyond the track.  It was only McRib catching up to the group on the track.  Good thing the mumblechatter was strong and he heard us through the gloom.

Starting with SSH the mumblechatter was strong enough that everyone lost count discussing Derrick Rose skipping out on a game last week.  Not going to happen with this Rosie on the Q.  With the cold and ice last week there was minimal running being done at the AOs that YHC visited so the goal for today was to change that up.  The consensus was that 10 and 20 monkey humpers are ok but rounds of 30 and 40 with a run afterward makes the legs a little weak.  Also needed to add some bear crawls in since Honeymoon doesn’t get much of that in NC.  The only way to get better is to do more of it, which is why YHC wanted to throw a few pull ups in.  YHC told the PAX if there was time we would find a dry spot at the end, they crushed it and we found that spot so everyone could make the imprint of their shirt on the dry sidewalk.  Splinter’s Punisher logo was impressive.

Curiosity about the rumors of a F3RVA podcast consumed discussion after the workout, that and eager anticipation of the CSAUP.

No announcements of note beyond the CSAUP.

Great work today men, appreciate the opportunity to step in front to lead this morning.


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  1. Great Q as usual Rosie. My legs are smoked. I hereby declare NoToll a monkey-humper holiday tomorrow.

    Great to have Splinter back out. And, I’m still impressed with Wilson’s headlight recognition skills.

    Way to work guys. See you in the gloom.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Podcast rumors will turn into reality shortly. Five have been recorded and will soon be ready for distribution. Then we will release weekly.

    Sounds like a solid beat down! 100 meter runs would kill me

  3. Great Q Rosie!

    I’m glad I was able to find the PAX in time for rounds 2-4 of the Fantastic 400s. I don’t like being late to things, but I must admit there was an added element of adventure this morning in trying to find the PAX throughout the AO. I’m thankful that you guys were at the swamp and not Twin Team hill. That said my legs are pretty rubbery from the monkey bumpers and running. Time to taper for the CSAUP.

    Great work today and thanks for leading Rosie.


  4. Looking forward to hearing more about it. 100 meter runs are only a small fraction of what you have been running lately, you could do it in your sleep.

  5. Love the 400s Rosie. They may be my new favorite thing. Thanks for welcoming me to the southside. I expected a lot and received no less.