Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Visit to 13 Acres


8 PAX members gathered in the parking lot for a MLK Day beatdown.  A virtual flag was planted and we were off.  This is what happened.


13 SSHs IC, 13 Don Quixotes IC, 13 Merkins IC, 130 LBCs IC


  1.  For 8 Minutes, do as many as possible of the following:  10 Donkey Kicks, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, bear crawl 10 yards, 25 LBCs, 10 Break Dance Kicks, crab walk 10 yards back to school and repeat.

Saab gave a 20 count.  Mosey to bus loop.

2.  Partner up for relay.  One partner will sprint around the bus loop.  He will then tag the other partner who will do the same.  Each partner does this 4 times.

Toga gave a 20 count.  Mosey to playground.

3.  TABATAS – Three 8 cycle rounds.

  • Round 1 – Tuck Jumps/Angled Knee Jumps
  • Round 2 – Merkins – start with close grip for cycle 1 get wider each cycle until cycle 4.  Repeat close grip to wide grip for cycle 5 – 8.
  • Round 3 – LBCs/Mountain Climbers.

Lockjaw gave a 20 count.  Mosey back to flag.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


It was an honor to lead this PAX for MLK Day at an AO that YHC knew so well growing up.  Before Holton Elementary School was built in the late 90s, this was a city park know to many in the area as Thirteen Acres.  (YHC is unable to confirm if this was the actual name.)  It was a large open space with a playground and a house that remains on the property.  When Holton Elementary opened in 1999, it was the first new school the city had built in many years.

The theme during the COP was 13.  All exercises had 13 in them.  The AO is close to mile 20 for the Richmond Marathon.  To help the PAX get through the mile 20 wall, we worked continuosly for 8 minutes.  During the 8 minute exercise, most completed at least 3 cycles with Toga completing at least 3.5 cycles.  Outstanding work!  During the relay repeats, YHC noticed that Saab got stronger with every lap.  All PAX members performed well during difficult TABATA cycles although YHC had nothing left at the end the Merkin cycle.  YHC was most impressed today with his youngest son who was dressed and ready to go without his alarm going off at 4:40 AM.  Great job E.T. (Evil Twin)


Thank you to all for allowing YHC to lead today!



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  1. Really enjoyed today’s workout Phonics, it was a diverse and creative Beast which gave me my first exposure to Tabatas. Also really appreciated hearing the history of the Holton site and how you took us out – providing insight into the short yet full life of MLK.

    Way to lap us on the 8-minutes Toga…really strong showing. (You know it’s called 8-minutes for a reason don’t you…)

  2. Thanks for leading today Phonics. Daville folks like Lab Rat and Circle K sometimes lead The Punisher, and it’s a good way to ease into the week. Not so today! The sprints and the Tabatas were good and awful. Strong work.

  3. Toga would never offend anyone…I’m sure he meant it as a compliment.

    (Toga should start prefacing all his responses with “Bless their heart”)