Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tabatta Nation @ GridIron


A fearless 4 posted to GridIron on a cold, wet day. DK & White Deer came in hot, spilled out of the Passat and the workout went something like this:


COP: SSH, Bob & Weaves, Tempo Merkins, LBCs, Arm Circles

1) Box Jumps/Step Ups
2) Dips
3) LBCs (alt KB press & over)
4) Lt. Dans
5) Lt. Dans again
6) LBCs (alt KB press & over)
7) Bob & Weaves
8) Standing Leg Dips
9) Pole Smokers
10) LBCs (alt flutter kicks)
11) Box Jumps/Step Ups

We must have done others. At some point we moseyed to the parking lot to perform Long Curb Crawls w/ KBs on one side: Partner up, regular curb crawl w/ 20 merkins, or curb crawl w/ 10 KB merkin rows. Repeato x2.

COT – Atilla took us out


The Tabattas allowed for ample chatter and good fellowship even before the Coffeeteria @ Einsteins.

White Deer & Atilla sparred verbally the entire time, maybe because White Deer has missed a few weeks do to a christmas decoration injury…the most memorable jab was when White Deer bailed on one of the exercises to do KB Tricep Curls and Atilla cheered “Curls for the girls!”…and White Deer retaliated later by chiding Atilla for doing Step Ups while Earthworm (15 years his senior) was doing Box Jumps….Atilla simply laughed and said, “Well, when I’m 55…you’ll be 70.” Ouch. Johnsonville will be sad he missed this one.

YHC enjoyed leading this morning. Thanks as always.


Frozen Triangle next weekend. GridIron is still on for those interested.


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  1. Solid workout DK, and yes the banter between Attila and White Deer never fails to entertain. Thanks to all!