Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

CSAUP practice


A tenacious 21 took over Dogwood dell on a rainy cold morning. Conditions were better, or slightly worse, than last week’s snowstorm. Here is what transpired:

COP- SSH, Merkins, LBCs, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters. Mosey to field for Human Centipede. 2 rounds through.

Mosey to Burpee Road- 3 per lamppost. Up and back. Mosey to Rusty Cage. Partner up and share a Sandbag. Back to Carillon for Modified Dora.

Partners do total of 60 Situp presses, 80 Boat-Canoe, 100 Squats, all with Sandbag. While partner 1 is completing reps, other partner runs up carillon l, does 15 Merkins, then back down.

Next round partner bear crawls up and around carillon while other partner does exercise- Side lunges, Shoulder presses, & Alabama Softball Players.

Mosey back to Rusty Cage.  3 rounds of 6 pull ups, then 3 rounds of 6 Jerkins. Mosey back to COP circle for mary- American Hammers & Freddy Mercurys. Back to flag, Fudd took us out.

NMS- way to get after this morning PAX, 21 strong in the cold rain. YHC had a plan for Sandbag exercises but it hinged on how many PAX showed up. 21 is more than our sandbag count so partner up was required.  YHC was unsure of the proper count on the Sandbag Dora. 60 Situp presses is more than enough.

The was not nearly as much mumblechatter as anticipated during the Human Centipede. Either the PAX was smoked or enjoying their time planking on the wet ground.

We haven’t done Burpee Road in a while so the PAX needed a reminder but attacked them once we got going.

Glad to see Bleeder back in the gloom at Dogpile. YHC saw him running with sandbag on his shoulder back to the Rusty Cage, not sure if his Dr would approve but we won’t tell.

During the ASPs many a good laugh was had, apparently making squishing noises on the wet ground on prom night brought back memories for some. Hardywood shared he went to Lillith Fair with his date after prom, not sure if he was joking or not…

Announcements – Frozen Triangle next Saturday. Reply to the Preblast if you have not already.

Pleasure as always to lead this morning.




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  1. Solid beatdown, Honey Do. Sandbags + wetness = misery. Well done.

    ET’s…Saab likes sugar, but only in certain places. I merely repeat what I hear.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q Honeydo!
    Well done guys -I’m ready to go again !!
    ET’s was a blast – missed u Honeydo and where the hell was Flipdog ??

  3. Great Workout Honeydo, several times I wondered why I chose to Kotter at a HoneyDo Q. Good to be back.

    Where one likes.to eat their sugar is all about your personal preferences. ET seems like an approbate place to discuss Diabetic issues that SAAB may or may not have with the places he finds his Sugar.

  4. Great Q Honeydo. It’s usually a smoke-session when you Q, and today did not disappoint. Awesome banter at ET’s as always.

    Glad I was mentioned in the backblast, as I am NOT listed in the PAX. #countyourchickens

  5. Sorry Fudd, you’ve bee added. With no clarification needed by the PAX to my Q instructions it’s almost like you weren’t there.

  6. Awesome beatdown HoneyDo. You cranked it up from the start with Burpee Road. Those sandbags really pack some pain, and for the record, I would say 60 sit and presses with those things is MORE than enough. Enjoyed the mumblechatter and enthusiasm this morning.

    ET’s was great as usual.

    Can’t wait for the Frozen Triangle next weekend. See ya’ll in the gloom

  7. You continually raise the bar Honey Do, if not warp it into something else entirely new and challenging. My thanks to Phonics for his partnership today, and to Fudd for taking time out of his busy workout to monitor my strange LBC motions in an attempt to warm up my appendages (even Johnson lodged some complaints this morning upon being dipped in a pool of water).

    Sugar is delicious, if used properly.

    Saab abides

  8. Honey do great Q. Inspiring performance Bleeder. Very sorry to miss ET usually highlight of my weekend but a Bon Air basketball game and then a trip to Fredericksburg dog show to watch my dog Continue her streak of the baddest bitch in the room, as she won Winners Bitch for 2 more pts toward her championship and 3rd such title in first three days of ever being shown.

  9. Honey Do-

    Sundays are supposed to be a day of worship but mine included soreness and muscle awakenings!!

    Sand bags topped the morning! Punishing Q. Great way to start a Saturday or weekend for that matter!!!

    ET’s-love the idea of a large show of force from a bunch of wet, dirty, loud dudes who just finished crushing a workout!!

    A pleasure to experience The Gloom with you gentlemen!