Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Function follows form, at least for a little while


16 showed up, the weather was notable, the pax was hungry.  Here is what we did:


  • SSH IH (in harmony)
  • Ball Dippers IC
  • Arm Circles IC
  • Merkins IC
  • Freddie Mercury IC
  • Don Quixote determined to be not necassary by pax


  • Playground Tracers:  Follow the leader: run up one side of playground, karaoke over to next corner, backwards run down, then karaoke back to starting point.
  • 11:11 left in the game, 11 seconds on the shot clock on 1/11 (aka 4-corners):  4 groups of 4 (or whatever the hell the pax wants to do), each group starts at a station and rotates thru all stations twice:  Merkinville, Kneeliftsland, Pullupington, and Diptopia.  Emphasis was put on maintaining good form, over high reps.
  • Too Many Lunges:  Partner up, 1st pax starts lunging, 2nd pax starts running around the track.  Flapjack whenever runner catches lunger.  Go around the track once.
  • Plank Walk Do-si-do:  Keep same partner, form 2 lines facing each other.  Bow/Curtsy to partner, then plank up.  Plank walk 10 steps IC North, then 5 merkins IC.  Repeato South, East and West.


YHC was running late this morning, and was very happy to make it on time….with 2 minutes to spare.  That is fine when one of the pax, but way too close for the Q.  My apologies for that.

YHC tried to make it up to the pax by starting off with a “glorious sound” as Opus would say….we sang Do Wah Diddy Diddy during SSH’s (2 of 3 verses, thanks Pucker).  This was an attempt to maintain Lab Rat’s 2 new year’s resolutions:  1) make a pax member laugh at every workout and 2) make a pax member roll their eyes at every workout.  Mission accomplished?!?  The pax took a minute to warm up, but was sounding wonderful by the time we hit the chorus.

The 4-corners was re-named while listening to the smooth oral stylings of our very own Marv during the game last night.  Speaking of always making the audience smile, my man has a gift!  The Q almost did 11’s, but decided that would just be too literal.  YHC still needs to ask Marv what the difference is between a rolling timeout and a “slick tip”.  Maybe Saab knows….

Plank walk Do-Si-Do brought the house down….as noted by the groans coming down the line towards the last set of merkins.  That will have to start becoming a regular in the Lab Rat arsenal.  Special thanks to my partner Hardywood for that picture perfect curtsy.

Also thanks to EF for busting out the SF this morning after the tomatoes of the family teamed up to break mine in half.  Anybody know where to get a new one???

Great job to the pax this morning, way to not get your back readjusted by falling branches.


  • Willis River 35K goes off Sunday at 8:00
  • CSAUP:    http://f3nation.com/2017/01/06/pre-blast-f3-rva-frozen-triangle-csaup/#comment-102057 .  Sign up so that Circle K will know how many wieners to get.
  • Lunch today, 12:00 at Pop’s Deli on Grace.  Lab Rat is a hard commit.
  • LBC count:  0

Lab Rat out.


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  1. Sorry to miss what I can only assume was a glorious harmony of singing, and even more sorry to miss seeing Hardywood and Lab Rat curtsy/bow to each other. In my mind, one is wearing a seer-sucker suit and the other is beautifully dolled up in a southern belle’esque dress and large Kentucky Derby hat…discuss…

    Nice work guys.

    I had to post to CM to again break out the new man-size bell. I was disappointed that Toga wasn’t there to witness my continued perfect form!

    Great showing at CM today. For those of you without bell of your own, there are now several of us with an extra, so let us know and come out to the Circus.

  2. That was a great workout today LR. My Observations…
    – ‘Do Wah Diddy’ during SSH’s…Great fun. Took me back to a scene in Stripes
    – Plank Walk Do-Si-Do…Generated a great “line” of Fire…worth of the Lexicon
    – “South Side Shake-Weight?” (Hardywood)…Hysterical
    – “slick tip??”…Filth!!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice Q Labrat great work guys!!
    Enjoyed lunch @ Pops!
    See y’all in the gloom….