Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2017 starts off with a bang at SOT!


A fearless 7 posted for an SOT beatdown. YHC came in hot, dropped off a KB coupon in the bus loop, parked up, passed the SF to Wilson to plant, and the beatdown went something like this.


Slaughter Start: 20 burpees OYO

COP: SSH, Bob & Weave, DQs, LBCs, Merkins

Mosey 30 ft, line up head to toe for a Bear Crawl Snake: guy in back snakes through planking PAX. Repeat x3

Mosey towards side of school. Stop for Jacob’s Ladder: run up hill, perform 1 burpee, run back down, perform 5 copperhead squats. Repeat x 10, alternate between 1 burpee or 2 burpees at top. 5 burpees at top for the last pass.

Mosey to bus loop for Death Curb Crawls: Curb crawl as a group, 2 merkins each side, 1 member of PAX performs Death Crawl (forward & backward) w/ KB, pass KB to guy to the right

Mosey back to SF w/ KB for 500 LBCs: 10 rounds @ 75seconds, 50+ LBCs per round

Run 2 laps around bus loop and Al Gore waiting for the Six.


Welcome back Carmen Sandiego. The first 30 min of this workout was no joke…lots of bear crawls. Way to stick with it. McRibb thinks we burned more calories than normal in those first 30 min.

YHC took full advantage of Qing during the LBC challenge…and we should have banged out 550+

The KB was a fun addition to the SOT mix. Hope you’ll come out to Circus Maximus for more KB fun

The weather this morning was especially nice…and we were all sweating by the end of the Bear Crawl Snake.


Jan 21 – Sunny & 70 CSUP


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  1. Very creative Q DK! The slaughter starter and all the leg exercises are killing me today.

  2. Yes, that slaughter starter spike the heart rate and heat index right off the bat. Amazing that no injuries were sustained in the Jacob’s Ladder…that I know of.

    10 minutes of LBCs beats the hell out of 10 minutes of Burpees, but you certainly feel the burn in the latter rounds. I will be bringing that back later this month to help some folks catch up on the challenge.

    Nice work guys!

  3. Great job today DK and thank you for taking the lead today. The first 30 minutes of this was an absolute beatdown. The 12.5 minutes of lbcs was no cream puff either and was much needed by me who was way behind on the challenge.

    Also nice to see Carmen SD out again. Welcome back to the SOT and keep it going in 2017.

    Great job today guys!


  4. DK never fails to disappoint. That was as tough a start to a beatdown as I have had in a while. Honeymoon says we do too much bear crawling in RVA. He’s going to start Qing to stop the madness.

  5. Heard about this beatdown on the street DK…much Respect. (I wonder if it was enough to make Wilson actually shed a layer…)

  6. Funny, I just bumped into Circle K on the streets of downtown RVA at lunchtime. 2 F3 RVA PAX who Qed on the same day meet on the street: I thought about walking past him, staring and just nodding to make it feel like Fight Club.