Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rainy Rope-a-dope


A 43 degree heavy rain could not keep 6 of the faithful at NoToll in the fartsack this morning.  A fine example of the draw of F3, you just know someone else will be there with you to share in the delight of whatever the gloom decides to throw at you.

Mosey to the soccer pavilion for COP –

25xSSH, 20xIW, 10xHand Release Merkins, 20xFlutter Kicks

Grab a bench for a couple rounds of fun.

10x Single Leg Squats on the bench – Bear Crawl to next bench CCW, 20xDerkins – BC to next bench, 30xDips – BC to next bench, 40x LBC  Complete 2 rounds to balance out the single leg squats.

Mosey to the parking lot for a Pyramid of Fun.

Complete 2/3/4 – Burpees/Imperial Squat Walkers/Box Cutters at first corner, run to next and complete 4/6/8, next corner 6/9/12, next corner 8/12/16, back to the start for 10/15/20.  Plank for the 6. Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for the top of the pyramid 20/30/40.  Lap around the parking lot together.

Sprint from the end of the lot to the gate, pause for the 6, under the gate, Sprint to the basketball courts.

Partner Suicides.  P1 – Suicide, P2 – LBCs  Round 2 P2 – Merkins

Mary – Dollies x20, Freddie Mercury x15, LBCx25

COT and YHC took us out.


The rain was pounding this morning when the alarm went off and YHC was wondering just how many PAX would show for a second cool rainy morning in a row.  The PAX stayed in their vehicles until right before 0530 just to stay dry for a little longer.  YHC threw a little rope-a-dope at the PAX by heading straight to the pavilion for COP and the first round of exercises.  Singer wondered whether this was where we would stay, ala Gumbo at RiverRun, but YHC wouldn’t divulge the plan (mainly since it was mostly on the fly).  It was even enough for DK to briefly shed his raincoat.  TYA said it is best to just get it over with and drop the PAX into the cold/wet early when it comes to rainy days but YHC had another idea.  Let them warm up and then introduce the rain.  The rain picked up again just in time for the Pyramid.  DK had a little trouble with the math and the geometry but what else do you expect from a private school education.  Build the base first, 4 sides.  Gumbo and Flipper noted their body types are built for the base, not the top of the pyramid.  The top was a lot of work and everyone crushed it.  There was not a spot without a deep puddle for the 4th round so the PAX soaked up some of the water headed for the fields.  Tclaps to Wheelbarrow for posting the last 2 days in the wet gloom to start the year, great job, that is not easy.


CSAUP January 21.  Long Range forecast was pondered…

3rd F option of a dinner at the Doorways was opened up to gauge interest and support.

HoneyDo posted some 2017 goals in his BB from yesterday and some of the PAX followed suit.  Feel free to post your own for accountability.   Reminder Toga is like Charles Barkley, he is bald and is not a role model.

I hope everyone has dried off and has a great day.  See you in the gloom.



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  1. Way to work today guys. Thanks for keeping me going in the rain. I just wanted to make sure no one went home even partially dry.

  2. The Gumbo is watered down today. What a nasty gloom it was this morning, and for a while there I thought it was going to be just Gumbo and Rosie, but the others rolled in before the bell and shared the fun (misery). For the record, my first experience at the top of a pyramid sucked! Thanks Rosie.

  3. Wow, that was tough. I think I was about as miserable as I have ever been at an F3 workout doing that pyramid of “fun” in an 3/4 inch of standing water with more coming down.

  4. Also…poor wardrobe choice on my part. I wore cold weather running pants that are thicker than normal. They soaked up what felt like 10 gallons of water doing the pyramid and then were in constant danger of falling off during the sprints and suicides! Hopefully none of the PAX was scarred…

  5. Wedding Singer on

    Very much appreciated the COT out of the elements. Not often does the weather get the best of me, but a combination of the holiday blues and the two inches of rain with a downpour made the gloom a little more gloomy. Great job Rosie. Looking forward to better conditions tomorrow.

  6. Brutal conditions today…maybe just that little more pleasant than the “brown water” workout. Way to keep us honest in the elements today, Rosie. Man, I felt like Fudd with the numbers this morning. Miss that guy!

  7. Your Welcome Parks and Recs the parking lot and basketball court are clear and dry after the Pax created a human sponge and soaked up all the water. It was like being water boarded by the heavens. The only way to do that…in that with your brothers. Way to work fellas and great Q Rosie

  8. It’s ok DK. We all have days like this. I know you were distracted by the Redskins ineptitude the past few weeks.