Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Meet in the Middle


“I Start Walkin’ Your Way, you start Walkin’ Mine, we meet in the middle ‘neath that old Georgia pine.  We gain a lot of ground when we both give a little.  Ain’t no road too long if we meet in the middle.”  — Diamond Rio

16 strong (including one FNG) gathered for my VQ this morning —

Started with the Slaughter Starter (Thanks, Upchuck!) — 20 burpees on our own

Brief quick run around the church to the other side of the parking lot.


  • x30 — SSH
  • x30 — IJR — PAX was encouraged to come up with creative ways to jump rope today and they did not disappoint!
  • x30 Heels to Heaven — thanks Helix for the reminder!
  • x20 — Dollys
  • x20 — Rosalitas
  • x20 — American Hammers
  • 1 ATM — 15 3 count shoulder taps, 10 tempo merkins, then 10 fast merkins with no stopping

I lost my Weinke along the way, so there may have been one exercise I missed on the BB.


Mosey over to the field for the next segment called Meet in the Middle — for F3 purposes, we shall call it MIM. 🙂

I created this section because I love partner exercises and I love the Diamond Rio song of the same name.

Everyone partnered up and headed to opposite ends of the field and proceeded to do the following

  1. Billy Idol Lunges (complete with fist pump) till partners met up in the middle, Booyah Merkins, then run back to your own side.  Rinse and Repeat — 10x, then 15x, then 20x on the Booyahs
  2. High Knee Run to partners in the middle, then Partner Leg Tosses, run back to own side (again 10, 15, and 20)
  3. Bear Crawls to partner in the middle, then Partner Derkins (one partner in plank the other does Derkins).  In the interest of time, we did 5, then 10, then 15.

We finished up with the Tunnel of Love.  More on this later in the Wrap up.

Mosey back to the flag



What can I say about my first time out as Q?  I have to be honest — I was nervous from the moment I decided to take that step until the workout started this morning.  And then, I was fine and had a ton of adrenaline to push me through!  If I can do it, anyone can do it!  Make it a New Years Resolution to Q in 2017!

We had a very friendly PAX this morning — no surly faces, at least not that I noticed in the gloom.  After we enjoyed the 20 burpees to get us warmed up, we hit the Circle and got ourselves moving.  During the IJR’s I saw some really good jump rope moves and even some guys going double time with the rope.  Impressive.  Could they do that with a real rope, I wondered…  I wish I had hit the ATM one more time in the circle, but I moved on to make sure we had time for Meet in the Middle.

The hardest part of “meet in the middle” was the actual meeting in the middle since it was so dark out in the field.  I heard PAX members shouting out their partners names trying to find them in the gloom.  It actually added an element of fun to the whole thing.  I almost stepped on a 2.0 at one point — that would have left a mark.  Looking back, I think I would have done more reps of the meet in the middle exercises, but not knowing how much time anything would take, I think it turned out okay.

There was definitely a slowdown in the tunnel today as we crawled our way through.  Part of the reason might have been the unexpected sharp turn in the tunnel as people made their way through to the end.  We rectified the situation eventually and the back up in the tunnel subsided.  We headed back to the flag and finished up!  Why was I so nervous??



  • CSAUP Saturday January 21st. 9 to 10 mile run with short AO in between. 3 to 4 hour with cook out afterwards. See Circle K and more Pre-blast for details
  • LBC’s Monthly Challenge – January. 10k is the Goal. See link below to sign up!


  • Order your Focus Prayer Books by paying Abacus $20 and going to this link and filling out the form – – – http://www.paracleteanswers.com/material.html
  • Emoji’s M had surgery this week — please continue to pray for the family!






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  1. Great VQ this morning Opus! Always enjoy when we can include a classic country song as part of the workout. Awesome job by all PAX members especially the 4 2.0’s that decided to post this morning.

    I echo what Opus said about Qing. “If I can do, you can do!”. Look forward to 2017 and what it has in store for F3 in Mechanicsville!!

  2. Outstanding full-body workout this morning. I think the missing COP exercise from the BB was Heels-to-Heaven. I know my abs didn’t miss it. I can’t recall how many we did – enough for me to have seriously questionable form at the end. Great job, Opus.

  3. Opus, my heart grew three sizes this morning! Sorry I missed it, but I hope to make the next one. Love the meet in the middle!

  4. Strong work, Opus. I am proud of you, brother. You have been an encouragement and inspiration to me and the PAX. You took a big leadership step today and kicked the Sad Clown Syndrome between the legs. I wish that I wasn’t out of town for your VQ. I’m looking forward to your next Q!!