Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An End To A Taper…


17 strong came out this morning for perfect running weather.

4 Milers – East on Grove, Left on Boulevard, Left on Monument, Left on Westmoreland

5 Milers – East on Grove, Left on Meadow, Left on Monument, Left on Westmoreland

6 Milers – East on Grove, Left on Harrison, Left on Monument, Left on Commonwealth

YHC took us out.


There was great turn out today with some regulars, a few visitors, and 2 FNGs, all with the purpose of covering some end-of-year miles.  YHC planned routes with the intent of bringing everyone down Monument to take in the holiday lights and decorations, but alas there were few to be seen.  Either everyone is using timers or Monument has moved past the holidays.  Time will tell.

Beyond the usual discussion regarding tights vs no tights, TYA pioneered the use of very pale skin colored tights opening yet another dimension to the debate.

Personally, today marks the end of a running taper that extended way too long.  It was good to be back on the road once more, injury free and ready to tackle 2017’s challenges and goals.  The end of a year provides time for reflection of the ground we have covered both as individuals and as a Pax.  Countless personal goals we have all individually realized (100 milers, weight loss, commitment to fitness) and the achievements as a team (expansion, leaps, BRR) are only a part of the F3 experience.  Friendships, both new and old, are the fabric that ties us together through the good times and the challenges.

As Swirly and J-ville close out the 2016 chapter tomorrow, I look forward to next year’s adventures.




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  1. Great being with you @Richmond Pax this morning and seeing some old and new faces. Thanks for the chat @TaxiCab which made the run fly by.