Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Merk, Merk, Bear!


6 pax plus one FNG showed up for this last workout for 2017 for DaVille.  This is what transpired:

Mosey to the side parking log


  • X25 SSH
  • X25 Imperial Walkers
  • X25 Don Quixotes
  • X25 Invisible Jump Ropes



Mosey to soccer field:

“In It Together Forever”:

  • Sumo Squat Walks (Legs more than shoulder width apart, half squat, walk 3 steps, deep squat, repeat) to Cone 1 Crab walk (15 yards)
    •     LBCs (10 once last person arrives)
  • Deep Lunges to Cone #2 (15 yards)
    •     Freddie Mercuries (10 once last person arrives)
  • Polar Bears to Cone #3 (15 yards)
    •     Box Cutters (10 once last person arrives)
  • Rabbit Jumps to Cone #4 (15 yards)
    •     V Sit-ups (10 once last person arrives)

Move cones out 3 Paces and repeat

Move cones out 3 Paces and repeat

Leg / Arm / Core Challenge

Number off to make teams

  • Leg – Mud Face and Guppy
  • Arm – Suitcase and Kit Kat
  • Core – Opus and Spike
  • Timer – Abacus

Challenge 1

  • Mud Face challenges Suitcase and Opus to most squats in a minute
  • Mud Face wins
  • Mud Face chooses for pax to lunge to 2 poles  and run back to cones

Challenge 2

  • Kit Kat challenges  to reach their age in Merkins first (Guppy to do 3x of age)
  • Guppy wins
  • Guppy chooses to do parking lot suicides

Merk, Merk, Bear

  • Bear 1 – Spike
  • Bear 2 – Opus
  • Bear 3 – Guppy
  • Bear 4 – Mud face
  • Bear 5 – Abacus
  • Bear 6 – Suitcase

Mosey back to Flag

10 American Hammers



A light crowd was out today as the temperature soared to 58 degrees.  The wind was present as most of the pax hid in the fartsack.  An extended warm up was provided as YHC wanted to keep the pax guessing.  During the first round of exercises FNG Suitcase joined the fun.  The Pax then ran to the soccer fields and saw cones already laid out for them to enjoy.  Gulps and gasps were heard as the pax understood that this period of pain was planned.

Instructions were provided on each of the exercises and the pax tore at the box.  A new exercise was introduced – – > Sumo Squat Walks.  A YHC brainchild as he thought of honoring Mud Face and his leg power.  Once round one of In It Together Forever was completed, the cones were moved out 3 paces, and round 2 began.  Chatter was heard but it wasn’t coherent.  Once round 2 was done, we moved the cones out 3 more feet and the chatter died away as breath was saved for round 3.

Next up was an opportunity for the pax to challenge each other.  We number off and the 1s were given team “legs”, the 2s were given team “arms” and the 3s were given team “core”.  The winner of the challenge (chosen by legs then by arms) then got to choose an exercise for the pax to tackle.  In Challenge 1 Mud Face challenged the others in group 1 (suitcase and opus) to do as many squats as they can in a minute.  Group 2 got in an Al Gore position to watch. Quickly, 20 seconds, they all learned that a minute is a long time.  We also learned that Mud Face can knock a boatload of squats!  Upon winning, Mud Face struggled with the exercise he wanted to choose.  He settled on lunges to 2 light poles.  Holy Smack – after a ton of squats… That hurt.  Next challenge, the groups changed and Kit Kat challenged the others to do their age in Merkins the fastest.  Guppy, being 13 had to do 3x his age – 39.  Off they went and Guppy, with the wings of youth, was able to finish before the others.  His exercise for the pax was suicides.

YHC, wanting to introduce a new exercise he cooked up with his M, moved the Pax quickly to the next ball of fun – Merk, Merk, Bear.  The Pax circled up and started doing Merkins.  YHC choose Opus to go around and tag everyone and say Merk.  Then Opus got to choose one and say “Bear”. At that point both him and the tagged “Bear” chased each other around the circle in a bear crawl to the emptied spot.  Opus got around to the spot without being tagged and was able to join  the circle of Merkins.  And repeat.  Lots of joy was had as the pax really turned it on to escape their friends grasps.  After almost everyone had a chance to chase or be chased, the pax picked up the cones and returned to the flag.  25 American Hammers were knocked out before we finished up with Number-rama, Name-a-Rama and Abacus closing us with a prayer.

  • TheCreek needs a que for this Friday
  • CSAUP Saturday January 21st. 9 to 10 mile run with short AO in between. 3 to 4 hour with cook out afterwards. See Circle K and more Pre-blast for details
  • LBC’s Monthly Challenge – January. 10k is the Goal. See link below to sign up!




  1. Great looking Q and BB Abacus! Sorry I missed it but I hurt my shoulder last week so I decided to do a 4 mile run in my neighborhood instead. Hopefully I will be back for The Creek this week!

  2. Nice work, Abacus! I might have an FNG from this morning (Spider Run) bringing his dad out Friday to The Creek. Hopefully the chance to name an FNG would be a carrot for somebody to pick up the Q. Sadly, Lab Rat is heading out of town until next week.

  3. Sorry to miss this am. Been home sick for last two days. Way to lead at the last minute. Can’t wait for the next round of merk merk bear

  4. Abacus, that is simply Awesome! I curse the fartsack for my absence, and I believe I lost 2 pounds by just reading the backblast. Nice work men!

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Isn’t that cute that you are homesick. I’m sure mommy and daddy miss you as well!!! Camp will be over soon little mikey!

  6. huh, the Spider run bb must be done, since you have free time. I didnt see it, but i’ll look again.