Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Annual Singer Holiday Workout


Fourteen veterans posted to Mary Mumford for a festive 45 minutes of beatdown.

The thang:

Mosey to field – warmup with 10 Hanukkah Hillbillies, 10 Kwanza Knerkins and 15 Ramadan Reverse Crunches.

Mosey to track – Black Friday Dash – sprint around track one time.

Tacky Light Tour – Touch a House  Merkin ladder up to 10 (lit up houses, do not actually touch them)

Mosey to field – Hang the Ornaments – 2 burpees at baseline,  run to each tree along Cary and do 2 jump squats, returning the baseline for burpees and repeat. Continue until all 11 trees have ornaments (jump squats). LBCs when finished.

Mosey to other end of field.

Santa’s Sack Race – teams of 5. One team member runs with the ‘sack’ while the other team members perform 3 to 5 boo-ya merkins (determined by speed of runner) and then chase Santa down before he reaches the other side of the field. Repeat until all team members have completed one Santa race.

Ring of Fire – 20 merkins total and plank.

Santa’s sack race back – two of the fast PAX (Swirly and Rosie) run while the PAX performs 3 boo-ya merkins and chase down Santa.

Backwards run down Commonwealth to flag.

2 rounds of 25 leg throws with partners, TYA led American Hammers.


Phew, YHC barely slept last night hoping this would all work out. A few items were changed from their initial design but all in all the PAX seemed pleased with the festive workout. Really glad no one called the cops as 40 lb bags were dropped off in the school field at 5:00 AM and a bunch of dudes dressed in black ran around the neighborhood, popping up and down at very specific houses (i..e. not houses with candles in the windows, Clark Griswold would be ashamed).

Props to Rosie, Swirly and Copernicus for that last Santa Sack Race, you guys can fly.

Lots of good mumble chatter this morning, especially the words and numbers mumbling up in YHC’s brain due to lack of sleep and lack of oxygen from the workout.

Announcements – Lunch today at Pops, January is LBC challenge month, 10K or more. CSAUP in January as well, that would should be fun. Jville running a 2.0 workout Saturday at Gridiron.

Last, in reverence to one of our fearless leaders here at F3RVA, our condolences go out to the Salvucci Family (TYA) with their loss of Ruth Salvucci last night. A quiet plank is due in your honor.




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  1. Holy Holiday Palooza, oh my! Nice work Singer and PAX. Sorry I missed it. Our cozy foursome at Circus celebrated the Winter Solstice by throwing some bells around.

    Thoughts and prayers out to TYA and family.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Creative and solid Q Singer… Correction on the BB : Offshore ran with Rosie those dudes are faster than me and freaken Copernicus can fly – wow..
    Great to Have Chesney back with us this morning – welcome back dude.. Props to Upchuck for rocking some extra partner leg toss with me – atta baby!
    TYA – you already know brother – mad respect man !
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    First annual. Now that’s a commitment, can’t wait for the next decades worth.

    Thanks to all for all the thoughts and prayers. Much appreciated. I feel unbelievably supported by all of you

  4. If you ever get delusions that you are a serious athlete just do a few sprints next to Copernicus and you will be right back down to earth. Respect Brother I seriously don’t even think your feet touch the ground when you run. Singer.. I could tell that took a lot of prep and it was an awesome Q. TYA.. Love you brother… Prayers for you.. And Momma TYA in heaven.

  5. Dude the was a solid beat down Bro, I am sore from head to toe!!! thanks for that singer holiday party!!!

  6. Great job Singer! Sounds like a good one. Great job on the preparation. Hopefully “the sack” makes another appearance in the near future.