Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dwindling days of hate


A frosty five beat the fartsack on the longest night of the year to post to SOT. With school on break no diesel fumes to keep us warm we moseyd to front of school after YHC found a soft spot to plant the flag.

COP – SSH,  Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Merkins,  Boat-Canoe, Arm Circle. Go to wall for 2 min of people’s chair.

Mosey to Basketball court for Hoop-O-Rama: 10 exercises at each of 8 hoops. Exercises were Merkins, Freddy Mercurys, Jump Squats, CDDS, Heels 2 Heaven, Tuck Jumps (aka Kangaroos). To finish we did 5 Burpees at each hoop. But bear crawl instead of run.

Mosey back for some Mary: American Hammers, Boat-Canoe, LBCs, then finish with Ring of Fire.

COT , Wilson took us out.

NMS – YHC wanted to Q SOT since he hasn’t been out there for a while. Was welcomed with a strong pax. Forgot what a great AO it is. Now that YHC is officially 39 it is just another short year to tolerate the hate in the COT.

Wilson and Honeymoon got more acquainted during the beatdown. With them living close to each other Wilson will have to go deep in the Fartsack excuse playbook to miss beatdowns. YHC was planning on using the track/field but was made aware of the 10 degree lower temp so we hung out on the basketball court for most of the beatdown. The burpees at the end were a hit, especially couple with the bear crawl. Always good to see Rosie smoked, a true sign that the Q has done his job.

We may not see Honeymoon out for a while as the pax tried to describe the phenomenon that is Man-o-Rama. YHC would love to say his RVA brethren is not always this goofy but that would not be true.

McRib shared he is playing at the Jefferson tomorrow afternoon. It sounds like they will be doing Christmas music but YHC believes there might a Footloose or other Loggins cover on the setlist. The band name is Kevin Bacon & the Riblets.

HDHH at Triple Crossing tonight.





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  1. Great Q Honey Do. I always look forward to your themed beatdowns. It was nice to connect with Honeymoon and yes he is very close in proximity to me, so I WILL need to dig deep! It will be nice to have a clown car to the AO as I no longer get my time in the Subaru!Great job by the entirely too young (excluding me) PAX today!

  2. Happy birthday Honeydo. I was completely smoked after the bear crawls and burpees. You used your super power to crush us all at the end, we’ll done.

  3. Great job today HoneyDo! I was so worn down from the bear crawl into burpees that I completely forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday! So…Happy Birthday HoneyDo. Make the most of that last year of hate.

    Also, all are welcome to come to the Jefferson at noon tomorrow for some good music. We will probably not break out any Kenny Loggins but we should probably throw in some Pearl Jam to celebrate their induction into the RnR hall of fame.

    Great job today guys! See you next time.