Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Reindeer Games Part 1


13 faithful put on their antlers and came out for part 1 of the 2016 Reindeer Games!!

Here is how the competition went down:


SSH x 25 IC, Don Quixotes x 10 IC, Feddie Mercury x 20 IC, LBC x 15 IC, Merkins x 15 IC, Arm Circles IC

Mosey to side of the HS

Dasher’s Triple Check

Chestnuts to the Wall
Run across the parking lot and back
3 Sets each

Mosey to the soccer field

Dancer’s Quad Pack

In teams of 4 (one member at each corner of the field) complete the following:

  • American Hammers
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Jump Squats
  • Box Cutters

First teammate completes 25 American Hammers then Karaokes to the next corner and tags 2nd teammate. 2nd karaokes to 3rd teammate and so on. 4th teammate completes 25 American Hammers then karaoke to tag 1st teammate. Continue until 1st teammate returns to American Hammers and go back to grab the rest of the PAX.

Mosey to the basketball court

Prancer’s Suicides

Teams of 3. First member complete bear crawl suicides at foul line, half court, foul line, endline (opposite in). Other teammates are in elbow plank position with either left or right leg high. Continue till all have completed suicides.

Mosey back to the flag


Emoji took us out


YHC had been up throughout the night fighting the cold bug but nothing was going to stop him from Qing today.

Showing up early the flag was planted and a return to warmth of the clown car was needed. The rest of the PAX waited in their’s  as well until YHC got out for good.

YHC explain to the PAX that this was only part 1 of a three part series. Leaving them in suspense of what is to come.

It was asked “Who can name all of Santa’s reindeer?”, Opus spoke up in song and answered correct. The PAX was impressed with his vocal skills.

Chatter was to a minimum except for Abacus who made it very clear he was not a fan of Santa’s reindeer.

It was good to see Saab and Lockjaw. Thanks guys for making the trip up north!

During Namorama, Spike who must have exhausted himself during the workout, said he was “Spit” the PAX quickly yelled out “IMPOSTER”


  • Third F AO “The Shining” this Thursday 6:30am at Rise and Shine diner in Ashland.
  • Reindeer game to continue at The Creek on Friday and Dogpile on Saturday




  1. Shazam! What a great workout today! added on to saab’s beatdown yesterday, I feel like a rented mule. Can’t wait to find out about Vixen on friday.

  2. Ha! Rumor has it Lab Rat almost paid a visit to Spider Run. DaVille parking lot is easier to locate, though. Funny to see a couple Spider regulars had similar ideas about visiting new grounds.

  3. The “Chestnuts to the Wall” was a good call and it messed us all up (in a glorious way). Strong Q, SPIT. I’m looking forward to Part II and Part III.

  4. My first visit to DaVille did not disappoint. Triple check coupled with “chestnuts to the wall” was no joke, and bear crawl suicides were cruel and unusual punishment. Nicely done Split, and thanks to all of the DaVille regulars for the warm welcome.(Sad to have missed my daily Lab Rat sighting however.)

  5. I hit the snooze button and the fartsack won today. Dammitt. Count me in for Round 2 and 3. Looks like a helluva lot of fun.