Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

3rd F Tackles Love


8 pax plus one 14 FNGs showed up for the second Q at The Shinning.  Being a 3rd F Q, the chatter was high, tardiness was present in force and the food flowed. #TheShining

This is what transpired:


Chatter and Fellowship as food orders were taken.

Reading of James 1:26-27

A Daily Prayer:

  • God, I offer myself again to you. You are in charge. I am your agent. Whatever you have in store for me, let me accept it and do with it as you would have me do. Your will be done, not mine. Please use me to be a help to another suffering sinner today.

After the prayer we moved into our main workout which today was a Headliner.


Headliner of the day – Love is the Oxygen of our Body

First we tackled the question is Love important?

Second, we mosed over and tackled the question – how important is Love?

Matthew 22:36-39 – see that same story from Matthew’s eyes.

Third, we discussed why is Love important?



We arrived at the newly named A/O – #TheShining (Rise and Shine Diner) with the weather as warm as it will be for a few days.  Chatter was high and able body men rolled in with casual observance of the time.  6:30 came and the chatter rose and food orders were taken by our gracious server.  10 minutes into the fellowship time YHC stood up let everyone know that he was not a pastor, or gone to seminary nor has he been an ordained, and that this is a you versus you bible study. You will get what you put into it and you can sit back in listen, participate or just tune us out and eat some grub.  YHC then continued with warming us spiritually with the reading of this week’s verse from Abacus’s Focus Prayer Book.  YHC then prayed to get things really started.

Next the pax took on a “Headliner” workout.  A “Headliner” is a study on a subject, and this week’s subject is Love.  Other options we are exploring as we move into this new territory of bringing the 3rd F alive are:

  • Singlet – a study of a single verse
  • Carve Out – a study of a Biblical Passage
  • Spotlight – a study of a Biblical Character
  • Headline – a study on a subject
  • Tubing it – a video Bible Study
  • Worming it – a study of a book
  • Preschool – a devotional style study
  • Storytime – a study of a story from the Bible

This headliner was broken in three sections and the pax stayed together as we opened the Good Book and read some truths.  After reading some truths to discover if love is important, thoughts were thrown back and forth. Emoji started getting deep early by factioding that God is Love.  After getting warmed up, the Pax opened up and participation skyrocketed. Atlas threw down a monstrous KaBOOM by sharing his experience that if he isn’t in the word he doesn’t truly know what love looks like. Elmer shared what all were thinking – That’s a wrap, because we just got feed in a big way at The Shining. Dan (FNG to be named) saw light bulbs go off on how this is abiding to God. Words were shared more Truth was revealed. Rocky shared some of his story and employed us not to keep our junk a secret. When we keep our junk a secret the Sad Clown reigns. Death to the Sad Clown!  YHC tied it up with the thought that Love is the oxygen that feeds the body and makes it possible for the arms to move and the whole body to work. When Love (God) / Oxygen (O) is breathed in, CO2 is breathed out and Christ touches those around us.


  • F3 tomorrow AM at “The Creek” – New Highland Baptist church – Mud Face and Chewy have the Q
  • We are a go for “The Shinning” on 12/29
  • Tim S is recovery from knee surgery / Dennis (FNG to be named later) starts a new job on Monday / Dave (FNG to be named later) is moving and needs help / Nathan (a 11 yr old grandson of Postal has a bone infection
  • Focus Prayer Books orders are coming
  • Man-up Award: Fast Food – stepped up initiated  and organized many men to rack leaves of lawns for those needing help.  1 House was the goal – – 3 was accomplished! (JARLC)


  1. Strong work on the 3rd F – well done. And that’s a big Headliner for sure. I look forward to breaking bread with the brothers at The Shining.

  2. I love what you guys are doing up there. I cannot wait to see it grow be part of it. Keep it up! I will have your Q signup ready shortly. Jville

  3. It was a great discussion and we are going to tackle “How to Love” next week. Be there or be square.