Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tobit ? Or Two Bit?


11 strong started this beautiful day off @ WDOG and here is how it went down..

Mossy to the open field by the poles 🙂 Warm up with some LBC’s, Helicopters, Windmills, EW’s, Mountain Climbers, AC’s, SSH.

Indian Run Pole Smokers : 5 pole smokers while pax holds 6 inches run to the end of the line – keep going till there are no more poles..

Amp Theatre : Dips Ladder – 18-1 begin at top of steps work your way down the ladder.

Rusty Cage : 3 sets of 5 overhand pull ups – 3 sets of underhand pull ups  then jerkins – partner up on dips bars – 3 sets of overhand pull ups and 3 sets of under hand pull ups.

Find a Tree : run find 4 trees @ each tree do 4 burpees and run back to starting point and plank. run find 5 trees @ each trees do 5 WW11 sit ups run back to start and plank, run find 6 trees @ each tree do 6 merkins run back to start and plank.

Native American Run – back to the flag – circle up – quick ring of fire 10 merkins together.

So the mumble chatter in the gloom today began with TYA trying to call out which exercise YHC would begin with – YHC through a curve beginning with LBC’s  but the pax reacted well as did TYA… Then as YHC called out Windmills Swirly style – reach down and grab that toe – Splinter called out to TYA “Not That Toe dude “.. As we laughed through the warm ups the laughter stopped as we began the pole smoker Indian Run – lot’s of grunting and moaning.. While the laughter stopped the chatter didn’t cause Saab was beside himself about Tobit’s name – is it two bit or Tobit what the hell does Tobit mean is this some kind of JRR Tolkin reference ? As TYA and Saab continued to just shred Tobit because of his name Offshore said well we sure are making him feel welcome aren’t we – Welcome Tobit:) Saab will find out who the Q was that named you I’m sure… Was that you Rosie ?? Beware..

Two Can dominated the Indian run – well done bro – keep up the good work… Offshore cranked out the pull ups – Sippy found those trees in lightning speed… It was a great job by all of the pax this morning for sure..

Make sure you sign up to Q if you have not done so already – we want to fill up all the slots as we move into the new year. Be on the lookout for the F3RVA podcast coming soon – (this will be awesome) hey- you could be asked to join us as a special guest (Be Ready 🙂 ) Reminder – Wed night Hill run – Hillcrest come on out join TYA and Swirly for an afternoon hill run… First F3RVA CSAUP coming Jan 21st details will be coming out soon on this event. This will be a great beatdown and a time to hang out afterwords – plan on working out  3-4 hrs that morning…Questions ask Sippy Cup, Circle k or Swirly.

Thanks to Saab for taking us out today – well said my friend!

It was a privilege to lead this morning guys – great job – See y’all in the gloom.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout. Love Tobit the man, hate tobit the name. Doesn’t help that it’s a statistics term and neither Tobit nor offshore, our resident stats guy, knows what it is. Also, Tobit told the story of his naming post workout and the name didn’t get any better. Is it possible that TYA and Saab are being over critical? Doubtful!

    Great beat down swirly. Great fun. Loved the 20 count while running

  2. The Tobit model is a statistical model proposed by James Tobin (1958) to describe the relationship between a non-negative dependent variable y…BLAH BLAH BLAH…. I agree we could do better…

    Great Q as always Swirly. I promise TYA a close shave next time so he doesn’t have to suffer with his bare hands.

    Saab abides

  3. Wait…F3RVA podcast? Are you kidding me?!? How has this slipped by me?

    Tobit, screw those guys, I like the name….(said no one.) Change it to Two Bit and I am a fan. Just dont tell Chipol….er Wilson.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Oh yeah buddy don’t worry I am sure a special guest appearance by LabRat will be on the schedule..

  5. There damn well better be! Not only do I like to talk about nothing of importance, I am a huge podcast fan!

  6. If WRAT can fill a 45 min run, I am sure a podcast will be easy. Tobit was named in Nashville I believe and I was of the opinion that an RVA rename may be in order depending on the corporate policy. Tobit, way to go posting 2 days in a row.

  7. Here’s the story: Tobit works in a field that uses words that no one knows the meaning of. So we make fun of it by stringing random sequences of them together like: You should do a foldover and give it a full-factorial then fit a tobit to determine if you can detect three-way interactions with the tweedie transform. LabRat says he doesn’t like “Foldover” as a name, which is a pretty good sign!