Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flood Wall here we come


Six gentlemen rose from the fartsack to 30 degree weather and attacked the day Trail Run style.  The route planned for this morning is as follows:

YHC wanted to change it up a little and add a couple of miles so the planned route involved Buttermilk to the Highrise.  Instead of the normal route to Belle Isle continue on Buttermilk East to the Floodwall.  Follow the Floodwall to 14th street.  Cross the river and work your way up the Canal Walk to Browns Island to Northbank Trail back to Pump House.

TYA and YHC covered the aforementioned route for a total of 9 miles.  Saab and LOLA wanted exceed expectations and circled Forest Hill for 12 miles.  Offshore has morning commitments and He and Aisle 5 covered the normal route to include Bell Isle for 7 miles.

Great 2nd F at ETs followed with conversations ranging from the perfect woman, Aisle 5 chasing a runner of the opposite sex during the BRR, Saab following YHCs direction regarding the change in the normal route, and TYA’s clearance rack shorts which he wore over the tights (Thank Goodness).

Thanks for letting me lead this morning and indulging YHC with a different route.

Circle K


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  1. Next time Circle K I promise to listen to directions (maybe) and then perhaps I’ll get to actually run along the flood wall.

    Appreciated LOLA’s company and comment regarding the water bottle I forced upon him….”like sucking on a teet” he said. After that comment, from here forward I’ll enjoy drinking from the way much more.

    Glad TYA finally bought into my “no tights unless in the teens” mantra…(even then you still won’t see me in them)