Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stretching the AO


Two became three Pax when NightCrawler used his best recon skills and joined Attila and YHC to push the AO boundaries on a run well outside the GridIron turf. It was a beautiful and crisp morning but the coldness quickly disappeared during the course of the following:

X25 SSHs, X25 IWs, and X10 Merkins all in 4-ct cadence.


Admittedly, what YHC calls a run the Pax would call a mosey. In any event, the run/mosey took the Pax from the Pouncy Tract parking lot to the front of the school, to the back of the school and down past the newly-surfaced Battery, onto the heretofore undiscovered foot/bike path and through the tunnel under Twin Hickory Lake Drive. The Pax turned around and headed back with stops that included a couple hundred Merkins IC, a hundred APDs IC, fifty reverse partnerless leg tosses IC, a hundred Dips OYO, twenty-five fence press ups, a smattering of wall seats for time, fifty step ups OYO, fifty shoulder-elevated single leg/hip thrusts OYO, and fifty shoulder-grounded single leg/hip thrusts OYO. Back at the parking lot we concluded with three minutes of Mary of Hello Dollies, Rosalitas, and Dead Bugs. We covered a couple miles of ground all told.


Counterama and Namerama – nice 30/40/50 mix


– 3rd F push in Hanover reported by YHC. Thursday at the Rise & Shine at 0630: super solid group of HIMs ready to tackle all subjects in quest for spiritual growth and discernment; and

– J’ville away this morning at his second posting of six week launch of F3 Hampton Roads; T-Claps for his terrific leadership in organizing the support for DreamLiner and the F3 HR Pax. T-Claps also to all the F3 RVA Pax who Qed and/or posted at Mt. Trashmore these last six weeks. Nicely done.

Closing communal prayer – thanksgiving, gratitude, and supplication.


After a brief warmup Attila observed “it looks like we’re it” so we set out to bust the AO limits. A determined NightCrawler eyeballed us from afar just as we were about to hit the woods and we were grateful to have him join us. Attila seemed to enjoy the run/mosey, kindly retreating a couple times to keep the Pax together on the return trip.

Very little MumbleChatter this morning, largely attributable to the unanticipated absence of the garrulous WhiteDeer.

As usual, a very fine conversation and 2nd F at Coffeeteria.

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.

Isaiah 9:2 (NKJV)


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  1. Yes, at Einstein’s on Pump just south of the intersection with West Broad, about a mile or two from the AO. BTW, Attila just realized he was your classmate at UVA and that you have a common friend in whose wedding you both served.