Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If Peeing In Your Pants Is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis


“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” John C. Maxwell

This my friends is the year of the RAT. On this day in the tenth day of December, there was much to celebrate.  One of our own was accomplishing a major life goal in the midst of balancing career, family and unbelievable amount of mumble chatter. 20 warriors braved the arctic tundra to dance with the polar bear.

The Thang:

COP SSH, Imperial Walker, LBC, FM, Split Jacks X 20, Merkin X 10

Gimme Some Credit – Did you know it takes 120 credits to graduate with a bachelors degree?  Compete 6 rounds of the following:  10 polar bears, run to bottom of the hill, 10 broad jump burpees, run back to the top and start over.

Billy Madison  – Billy went back to school, even when it was tough to complete 12 grades. Complete 4 rounds with a partner of the following. One partner balls to the wall, other partner runs to top of the Carillon and completes 12 two-count American Hammers. Once complete, switch it up for four rounds.

Old Man Kenney – Partner up.  One partner crab walks, other partner runs towards them.  Once caught switch places.  Continue crab walk while other partner runs back to start, then back to partner and switch until crab walk length of the field.

Lindsey – Dips & LBC

Commencement Walk – Partner up and wheel barrow across the stage.

Mosey back to the flag, namerama, numberama, Flashdance lead us out.

Moleskin:  Today was all about celebrating Lab Rat. This exceptional man went back to school after a 13 year hiatus to complete is Bachelors degree in Economics from VCU. YHC barely made it through with no kids, mortgage, wife or job.  To complete school with a full plate of life deserves a major T-Claps.

This morning leaned towards the cooler side of the thermostat, which makes it even more impressive that 20 of the finest men in Richmond fought off the fartsack. Welcome back Wilson.

News: Swirly is planning an epic CSAUP on Jany 21st.  Stay tuned for a pre-blast and start training now.

Everyone is pretty good at life when it’s easy, YHC is far more interested in the resilience of your character when it’s not.

Be super.



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  1. Ok first off that video made me laugh out loud! Second – I have missed you guys. Thanks to the fellas that took time to reach out and connect (and provide a fair amount of pressure)! I read the posts about how much this group means and it makes me feel good. F3 has truly changed my life. Thanks to Lugnut for the original EH!

    Hardywood you continue to push to make yourself better and ensure everyone you come in contact with are better! Great Q today!

    Lab Rat – nice job bro! Mad respect!

    This is a special group of guys! Thanks for pushing me to be better in every aspect of my life!

  2. Congrats, Lab Rat. You are truly a special guy who encourages and challenges all of us. Keep mumble chattering. It makes the workouts more entertaining for sure!

  3. Let me just say that is far more credit than I deserve, and I am beside myself on the outpouting of kind words I have received this week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you for taking a minute to ask about my somewhat extended journey to a bachelor’s degree (that’s right, it’s my bachelor’s).

    Having walked across the stage now, hopefully we can get back to normal, making fun of my bad sense of humor and incessant talking, where I can feel more comfortable.

    The year of the Rat has been exciting though, mostly because of the company I have kept. You all are to thank for that.

    Also, awesome beatdown, as always, Sensei.

  4. Hardywood: Never a dull moment. Gimme Some Credit was nasty (Awesome).

    Lab Rat: We celebrate not so much the milestone, but the individual. Mark it dude.

  5. Degree in economics??? Totally thought it was in Public Speaking… I mean like incessant public speaking…. Proud of you Lab Ratt… Your journey to your degree is a lot like my running. It’s slow.. ugly at times… there may be limping to the finish, but you never ever ever ever give up!!! Respect!! And I also find it fitting that your degree is a BS. Let’s face it you had your masters in that already.

  6. Nice Q Hardywood! Thanks for leading us through that graduate level beatdown.

    Congrats Lab Rat! Great job on meeting your goal of getting your degree.

    Lastly, thank you to Flipper and Lockjaw for being there to jump start my car after the workout. Thankfully, the diagnosis was just a dead battery so it was an easy fix.

    See you next time.


  7. Great job Hardywood, that was one for the books. We had a great time doing some second f at ETs. Congrats Lab Rat its great to see the pax better themselves on so many levels. Very inspirational

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful cold morning – great Q and Congrats Labrat!
    I can;t believe that little Halo thing jump started McRibs car – Freaken awesome Flipper….
    Wilson we miss you bro look forward to seeing you in the gloom soon..

  9. Much respect and Tclaps for Lab Rat. Congrats man.

    Sorry I missed this workout – sounded awesome and brutal. Wouldn’t expect any less from Hardywood.