Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not-So-Secret Santa!


17 PAX, including 2 FNGs, showed up to fight (you vs. you) this morning and didn’t use the cold weather as an excuse to embrace their pillows in the fart sack. YHC planted the shovel flag that Spit brought to the festivities and the PAX launched out into the mission of discipline and pain.


Mosey around the field to the far corner and then back to the parking lot.

50 SSHs

20 LBCs

20 Don Quixotes

10 Arm circles, 5 large – reverso

50 SSHs + 5 more SSHs

20 Helicopters

20 Imperial Walkers

Secret Santa

Partner up and prepare. YHC said, “Repeat after me…”

– “Merry Christmas”

– “I am your not-so-secret Santa”

– “I have a gift for you”

“It is a BEATDOWN!”  

1 partner ran around the building while the other exercises and rotate until done. Help with the others until everyone has finished the work.

– 50 Burpees

– 100 Merkins

– 200 two count American Hammers

– 200 two count Mountain Climbers

– 100 Merkins

– 50 Burpees

Mosey back to the shovel flag and circle up

– 20 Copperhead Squats

– 20 Freddy Mercuries

– 20 American Hammers

– 15 Flutter Kicks

– 50 SSHs



– Hampton Roads – Rosie is leading a trip down tomorrow. Check out the preblast for information

– 3rd F experiment at Rise & Shine Diner fired up yesterday morning and will meet again this coming Thursday.



Strong work this morning by the PAX. The 27 degree weather increased the intensity and sense of shared challenge. We were missing some normal guys due to travel and fart sacking but a strong team stormed the parking lot and got to work. The mumble chatter was minimal due to heavy breathing that could be seen due to the frigid air. There was notable encouragement during each transition from the exercise to the run during the Secret Santa gift “exchange.”

The loudest laughter came when YHC asked the PAX to repeat after him and they said to their partners, “I have a gift for you… It is a BEATDOWN!” The gift was given and given with intensity.

Spit burned through the runs around the building in between exercises and continues to excel. Nobody gave up and everyone pushed through challenge together. Opus continues to take no prisoners with his commitment and improvement. He leads music at an elementary school by day but he is a becoming a beast in the mornings!

Two FNGs came to play and they brought their A-game for sure. Small Mouth (FNG) had heard about F3 but had hurt his back right before it launched. He drove 30 minutes to engage in the workout. That is dedication to discipline! Spare (FNG) was EH’d by Mudface at the Beer & Hymns gathering last night at Center of the Universe brewery where Chow-DAH led the music with his notable guitar and singing skills.

There are all kinds of connections and opportunities right in front of us if we keep our eyes open. The SadClown Syndrome better be scared because we are taking it to it hard. This race is a marathon, not a sprint, and we need one another to keep pushing forward one day at a time. Our wives, children, friends, co-workers, neighbors, communities of faith and strangers in need can be impacted eternally as we continue to engage and reject passivity as men.

Let’s keep pressing on!

The Carpenter




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  1. It was cold in Mechanicsville? Hmmmmm…..70 and sunny at Munford this morning! Way to embrace it!

  2. Great Beatdown and BB Carpenter! I’m definitely feeling while working at my desk this morning. Awesome to see Sugar Baby back in action. Thanks for adding 5 SSH so we can keep up with Emoji in Vegas today!

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Hated to miss my secret santa gift. You guys did a whole heck of a lot of ssh and burpees. Well played Carpenter!

  4. We took it to the morning and the PAX demonstrated a ton of fight. We needed a bunch of SSHs to stay warm and alive!

  5. It wasn’t as cold as a few weeks ago at DaVille (29 degrees). The lack of wind helps too.